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What a great interview so thankful for Lucy Piper for joining us this year her empowering resources about ACP and the services they provide to the military community with us this week again if you would like to connect with ACP check them out online on facebook Edlington at American corporate partners at twitter and Instagram at a C. P. Underscore USA and youtube at ACP points. It's nice to be able to have resources like ACP for veterans and their spouses as they transition out of the military. And I wish I had known about this type of organization when my husband gotta the Army back in Twenty sixteen it would have been super helpful for me Especially just because you know. Try to find work as a military spouse get out. Luckily I have a mash degrees. So it's not as hard but I can only imagine for those who don't have the education background like that. Getting into a workforce that you're not familiar with You know going to a place where you're not familiar with where whether it is you. Don't go back home or you go back home for wherever that may be for anybody. It's hard to transition out of what you're used to however many years you're in the military to something that you're not used to having a resource like this is very helpful for veterans and their spouses Even though I didn't use it in an I didn't know about it. When we got out it would have been helpful. But we made it work when I transitioned out of the army and instead of my husband going directly into the workforce he uses Gi Bill. And he's almost dead has the rest of the semester and then summer and that he's done so maybe we'll use this resource one of the time comes Or maybe we won't but it's just nice to know that we have it there And for those. Who Need these resources? Har- heartwarming to know that they exist and that those veterans and their spouses don't have to be in limbo once it with the military. What did you think about the injury? Mirren so I absolutely loves listening to this interview. I felt so much more energized and empowered and like all the wheels were turning when I was listening to this interview because I felt like I resonated with so much about what Lucy shared with us. Especially me being a new military spouse. I know for me when I graduated college. In two thousand seventeen. My initial plan was in my head like Oh we'll go to college then all you're GonNa Masters or go to law school that my husband and I ended up getting engaged which completely changed her plan. Especially since our current duty station doesn't have law school relatively close off so that was really difficult for me. I was trying to figure out like you know I always wanted a career and I knew I wanted to be in the legal field so I took a slight detour. I've been working as a paralegal. The last three years which honestly has been really fulfilling. I've loved it Great and I know like after we don't engage. My husband was deployed during our engagement so I recently moved to. Fort Bliss. I know. Pc ICING job-hunting is so hard. And I just want to encourage fellow. Nelson's out there I. It's so hard to feel discouraged if you can't find the exact job you're looking for or whatever your Avenue Group has is but I've been trying to just look at it as a roadmap to getting to where I want to go and it's helped me a little bit of stress. I know it's not exactly what we would dream of but something is. Something is what I keep telling myself so. I know that I can greatly benefit from. Acp Especially I know as you mentioned Tackling interviews explaining the gaps in change of employment as can be so beneficial. Because I feel like I've been told you know some employers. Don't love the fact that you could be leaving so soon and I never know how to navigate that so that would be really helpful and my husband. He's not sure if he's doing career. Or how many years will stay in. But I'm always trying to play in the next step in kind of get ahead of whatever we're going to face next as much as I can in the army I'm really take this free and customize resource and my husband's also trying to figure out what he's going to use his Gi bill tune so this is definitely going to be really beneficial for both of us. Here's another one of our command members with weekly EMPOWERMENT PATROL REPORT. Hello. Awt Our listeners. For this week's empowerment patrol report. We are showcasing band of blogger. Ana Johnsson Larsen for diligently meeting every deadline and writing stories that stick with US ANA grew up in the beautiful idyllic Pacific northwest wearing socks with sandals recycling when it wasn't a thing and having no idea had a comfort her own gas in two thousand six. She agreed to marry her soldier with the promise that he traveled the world with her two children. Eleven and seven and one for baby later. He didn't disappoint their nomadic. Family of five has spent the past sixteen years visiting as many countries as they can and her free time. Anna Rights Dabbles Art and photography and home schools. Her too seriously cool kids. She just made the big decision.

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