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Sony cats today congressman Jim banks joins us he has sent a letter to Lindsey Graham chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee he wants Lindsey Graham subpoena the call records of house intelligence chairman Adam Schiff because Democrats subpoenaed eighteen T. phone records showing contact between representative Nunez and this guy left partners one of the people who was arrested after a conversation with Rudy Giuliani he also wants the phone records of Joe Biden hunter Biden and the whistleblowers lawyer in order to determine the extent of communication doing chef and potential Republican impeachment witnesses because all those people Republicans want to testify and when the Republicans point of parliamentary inquiry we'd like Adam Schiff to be a witness here you had Nadler the Democrat the chairman and the rest of Democrats table the motions and I wanted to talk about it was it was clown show ask before sure so we'll talk to congressman banks of from the Indiana third the fort Wayne area about this site letter that he's right in and where he thinks of the standing is then there's the story of Chris Pratt's water bottle Chris Pratt is apologizing because there's a picture of him on Instagram buff I say the man's looking buff and the is next to a treadmill and desire holding a water bottle you know like a water bottle right they got.

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