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It's due diligence. A fair enough. But again, how does that make sense? Yeah. Last week, why are they dreaming last week? Because they're friends now. Okay, the best way. Party loves extreme and drew's got a sword, you know? Yeah, extreme shorts. Yeah. So drew hits moss with the clay bar and then Jeff hits the swanton bomb for the win. All right, great. Yeah. Next up, we have Cesaro versus ridge Holland with Seamus on commentary because he's now Holland's mentor. Clearly you put Holland over here, let him get a nice win over Lesnar. Hall and dominates for a few minutes. But then Cesaro wins with a roll up. With a watch with a roll up. Yeah. Pretty soon. We're going to add a snap to the fruity fruit roll up for roll ups. I don't need a sound board to snap. Your fingers are gonna get rubbed raw. I can't do it. Someone else knows. I am inevitable. Oh, shit. I can't do it. Roll ups are inefficient. You should get that clip. I am inevitable. Yeah. Roll up. Next so we have Rick boobs versus angel. Boobs. In a Thanksgiving leftovers throw down match. No, no, no, no, no. This could be the worst event in wrestling history. Yeah, yeah. So boogs puts angel in the abdominal stretch. But umberto distracts boogs by playing his guitar on the table. Which he was about to play angel like a guitar. Yes, he was. You guys ready to rock? Somehow. So nakamura kicks umberto and umberto goes to the table of leftovers. That's cool. But then angel superkicks boobs and it's the wing clipper for the win. Sure. Yeah. Again, why is nakamura the Intercontinental Champion if he's not, if he's in a tag team now? Correct. And he's not defending the Intercontinental Champion. She's not even fighting the tag champs. No. You know, the title's a big deal, right? And Roman Reigns is the champ. He only fights on pay per views mostly for the title. We need a mid card title. We can defend on this show like once a month twice a month. Sure. Do we have one? Nope. No, we don't. How does it make any sense? I know. It's such a way. It's literally my favorite title. And no one defends it. When was the last time that was defended? Even Damian priest defended the freaking U.S. title. Eric, don't ask me questions. I have no fucking clue. Tune in a trivia later. Yeah. Wasn't it like this with his last run? Yes. He never defended it. And then he and then he just lost it like randomly to I think Balor writers. The bad guy named it as a good guy doesn't defend it, or maybe he beat Balor Ford on the pre show. It was Balor nakamura on a pre show. He beat him. And yeah, nakamura beat Balor for you. And then he lost it. And then he held it for a couple months. Yeah, but no, but didn't he. No, it was nakamura Sami Zayn and Cesaro defended it against brawn, but it was like a, I don't fucking remember. Oh my God. Braun had it, and then the three of them who cares. This belt sucks. Ever since they made it ugly, it's sucked. Right. It's like, oh, we made the belt ugly and we don't want to show it anymore. Who did he defend it against? It was like a month ago, maybe? No, let's do this for trivia later. Apollo? I'm not gonna know the answer. Did he defend it against Apollo? You guys will let's just do trivia? Trivia now. When was the last time he so here's his match history going backwards. He didn't put it up for grabs against angel like two weeks ago, but he pinned angel who wasn't for the title. On the road, when they went to England, I guess earlier in November? Yeah. That's a house show? Yeah. It was 5 straight house shows he pinned Jinder Mahal all for the Intercontinental Championship. That was his competition. Doesn't count. Jinder Mahal. It's not canon. The last time he defended the title, was on, oh, WWE live super show. That doesn't even count either. No. Seth Rollins for the title. No. Friday night's SmackDown, September 24th. 24th September 22 months. It's over two months since he defended the title. And yeah, Cruz, I guess, like Eric said. Yeah, Paulo correct. Wow. Yeah. September. And then before that, we got to go back to August 22nd when he successfully defended it against Apollo Crews. Yeah. Before that August 13th when he successfully defended it. Paul no, that's when he won it. In the cage. So one title defense. It is just like his last ring. Yeah, it's just like his last ring. Wow. Good God. And that was just August. Now he's doing tag team stuff. Can we do title reigns for Shinsuke? Just one. One defense defense. Backstage, Kayla asks Adam Pearce about Brock Lesnar. But then we watch the highlights of Brock kicking his ass. And then we cut back to pierce, and he's like looking up, it's like, were we just inside pierce's brain? Yes. He's like, oh, I remember that. Yeah. So we were in pierce's brain reliving the attack from Brock with him. And it was a video package in his brain, of course. And his brain was a video package with music. He's a company man. The producers like, I have a feeling I know what he's thinking. Yeah. The producer and his brain. This is like when we see a wrestler like what they're dreaming you know. Or like when Hulk Hogan saw the older warrior and then there was, what was that? It was WCW, yeah. And then I think similar they did that in TNA as well, but yeah, it's ridiculous. They were doing this a lot lately were like a backstage segment. It's like, hey, so what about this? And then we watch a video package for two minutes and then we come back and it's like, eh? Yeah, what about that? It's just awkward. It's like, well, where did they watch it? Exactly. At least before they'd be like, let's throw to the TV. But there is no TV. Yeah. She's like, so I hear his suspension might be lifted. Yeah. Hold on. Just stand there. Yeah. Just put the microphone back in. She's like, let's watch that video. What are you doing? What are we right on his forehead? Yeah. We're going to put this camera in your ear and push it to your brain. Bring it on the x-ray machine. Right. Have you seen inception? We're going to share a dream. So we could see Brock Lesnar kick your ass in the dream. It's your subconscious. Yeah. Your subconscious is in your vein. Yeah. So pierce says I haven't heard any update on Brock Lesnar's indefinite suspension, but Stranger Things have happened around here. But when you consider the damage Brock did, the property damage, the medical bills or the therapy sessions. Boom, award nominee. Brock Lesnar is a menace. That would be shocked. That's suspension was lifted anytime soon. Yeah. Foreshadowing, spoiler alert. Next up, Michael Cole interviews Charlotte Flair in the ring. I guess they're trying to make him like Tony schiavone and a W yeah. And then he'll cut Michael Cole at the announce desk. Yeah. I heard Bailey was watching this and she was like shut up Michael. Yeah. She didn't like him. When a lot of times, I don't like Tony shivani either, but if he's interviewing someone in the ring, he asks a question. Michael Cole tells Charlotte, you must be disappointed in your loss to Becky Lynch at Survivor Series. And then he just leave the ring. You're finished. Yeah. You're worthless at this point, right? So Charlotte points out that Becky cheated to win. And she says I'm still the most dominant woman in sports entertainment. But then Tony storm comes out and she's like, I told you you would lose to Becky. I'm here. Let's do this. Charlotte talks some trash and then takes a swing, but storm ducks and throws Charlotte out of the ring. Nice. Tony goes after her. But then Charlotte grabs a pie from the leftovers table and shoves it in Tony's face. Love a good cream pie. That was, oh my God..

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