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You anxiety like trying to make up a lot of where you at what you got to be doing for the next couple hours God forbid girls days over, and you gotta wake up in the morning and answer the phone call from your wife and your face down. What you kids off of that shit like, and I'm not a good liar. I don't lie. Well, right. All right lie. Right. You know, what I'm saying fuck around and be like who in the room, which you. Your cooking gnocchi toes. Every time you lie your corns grow. I don't have those Do you you line. line? You've got the surgery January sixteen they shaved down. They say shaved it out. You know what I'm saying? Oh, that's not bad at all down. John good. But I'm having surgery January sixteenth to remove. But like who got time to be about who fucking shit is corny like it's actually a waste of time is the waste of energy is added stress for no reason. Yes. And for me, you know, my life has been great depends. A couple of years mine and my goddamn business, really. Don't miss it at all. No, miss it at all. Well, not even a little bit. Because it's really just a it's it's a my ever look in the EMS every once in a and to see who shoot shots, but nobody that you don't get girls shooting their shots, man. Once you start once you start putting once you start saying member, the faithful blackmail community, and you're married and all the girls. About this crazy of that. It's motherfuckers they have love songs about their wife. And then ladies pastors get the M's. That's because they're still entertaining. They're still inviting that energy into their line airy passers. Yeah. Have you still fucking women, and you still acting like books can get his shot. But Mary passers don't do that. They preach fidelity that's part of their religion Bishop Eddie long approve preached against homosexuality as well. But he was he was getting that long down a little boy he was dick and down and he's dead now. But you know, oh my goodness. Which? Oh my goodness. I don't know. Just like sorry. Sorry. Let me tell you about ideals meal. Allstate cannot ask anything of Cardi until he becomes the change that she wants. And how does he prove that does he get a new girlfriend that he's faithful to and? And for at least a year, and then break up with her and get back with you know, what I'm saying like, but trust me women Nobre, they know when you cheating women. No when you doing dirt and women. No when you are walking, discreet narrow really because if I'm out of town now, and I'm motherfucking doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing the Texas different. Really the call the different. You know what I'm saying? Like any like, Bobby like, I'm going to sleep cool. You know, what I'm saying is different. Like, I'm telling you women. No. I don't know how they know what they Nobre they know an Eugene. And they know when you're doing what you supposed to be doing. So Taylor you've been cheated on right count. Tell it to did, you know? No. They don't like you. They don't like xactly what I was saying last episode or saying. About learning his lesson. Everything that you expect you how you are magazine swim..

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