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To think about what we're gonna be doing in what were gonna focus on in the future nasa dot gov slash podcast is where you can go to find all of the nasa podcasts were just one of them otherwise you could just come to our site nasa dot gov slash and johnson slash h w h h p as in houston we have a podcast and you could see the full transcript of every episode end there's a link there where you confined just our apollo fiftieth anniversary collection a we usually promote be episode on these nasa johnson space center pages of a our guest social media presence on facebook twitter and instagram he's the hashtag ask nasa on your favorite platforms summit idea make sure it's a dimension inspiration we have a podcast week and bring it on this episode was recorded on june seventeenth twenty nineteen special thanks to kelly humphreys greg wiseman bill stafford enormous transfer all of their helped make this past year possible and thanks as always to our experiment enter pat ryan who are instrumental happened make this happen every single week and then he would who has been with us since the very beginning and thanks to you for listening in helping with the success of the podcast and helps us to keep this going will be back with a special episode to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary with episode one hundred of houston we have podcast next week if you haven't yet check out the newest podcast called nasa explorers apollo from nasa goddard space center you bet goddard space flight center for all of your apollo eleven fiftieth needs will leave you with this quick teaser july twentieth nineteen sixty nine the day they changed are placed in space forever and much more all wonder when neil armstrong took his small steps in are giant leap the whole world watching notice kind of like hard to believe but this is really happening in front of our eyes remember that my parents were had other in television coming soon nasa explorers apollo is a special now the audio series the pills lesser known story behind the missions that took humans to the moon we examined the things you might not have considered an ask questions like what do we still learning about are moon what happened to the loss of data of be apollo era ensure

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