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If he doesn't get that NHL roster spot right out of the gate. So there's a ton of options that potential for this type of player just to really excel in his early pro years. And I'm excited to see how he absorbs at all because, you know, a defenseman of his size that moves so well like him is like a really good package to have for the future. And right now the future looks grim because of the salary cap constraint to Don Sweeney and Evan gold and the Boston Bruins are going to have to go through. So we might see and I want to call it a mini youth movement coming up where the bruins are going to have this I'm probably going to go through some pretty lean years. As much as that is exciting to get more youth involved, it's not a great it's not a great start to a seat in upcoming season when you just basically moving these players up because of the low AAVs and obviously trades are going to happen and we'll hear from Don Sweeney when I mean not trades, but signings departures and all this is going to happen to be cap compliance. So it's going to be difficult no matter what, but getting these younger players involved is something that I believe is important. And I hate to say it, but I'm probably going to see some players that are going to be departing. And we'll talk about the roster next week. What we think the roster will be when Steve, the main host deform, he comes back. I want to get all three of us together and just do a little bit of homework and figure out, hey, it's just to use movement. What's our Ross are going to be like? Or what's the Ross going to be like without Patrice bergeron, or without David creators? Because dawn Sweeney did mention that they're going to both scenarios are going to coincide with what their plan is. They are always going to have a plan a plan B so, you know, getting youth involved is not a bad idea, but can you bring these veterans back when you need to be cap compliant before the October season comes? Yeah, and I think that that's going to be a sort of interesting limiting factor because on the one hand, you're like, oh, it makes it easier because you really are not going to you don't have a lot of space to do a whole lot, but at the same time, it's like that means cutting some pretty serious losses at that point. And recognizing that so many people that we liked and that we feel like are important are just gone. And so I think it is going to be hard, but yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to us getting our heads together and seeing what we think about the future next year because there are so many options, so many prospects that are great and American Hockey League players that were very successful this season and that I think have earned a chance to show what they can do at the NHL level players who I think can continue to do that. And who have had a few opportunities already. So I'm looking forward to seeing that potential youth movement, even though it will be scary and nerve wracking, but then again, you know, was this season we were scared and worried about certain things and this is just another thing that I think it's the opportunity for the team to prove that they can handle anything. So I'm hoping that that's what they're able to do, especially with an addition. Like low rye. Yeah. And talking about the bergeron and critique thing.

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