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You're dealing with flooded roads on the way to work or flooded backyards and basements at home. Many are still dealing with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Allison from last week. Now I ran into Jeremy this morning. Who does construction? He tells me it's been absolutely miserable lately. This time of year is typically it's It's really nice outside, everybody's getting a 10 and what not, and it seems like we're in March, you know, but I'm a native New Englander, so I'll persevere. No tanning for you, Jeff this week. We are expecting some more muggy, wet weather today and tomorrow and even more this weekend, so you can bet those companies that deal with flooded basements are going to have another busy week. And over. James RoHaas WBZ Boston's news radio. It is a struggle, but we'll eventually get there. James thank you. After the final defeat of England's soccer team of the Euro Cup, officials continue to express disappointment and fans. Turning to racist attacks on social media on some of England's black players. Prime Minister Boris Johnson expresses his praise for the team and his disappointment in those attacks. Those who have been directing racist abuse. Some of the players. I say Shame on you. And I hope you will crawl back under the rock from which you emerged. Meantime, the victory celebration continues in much of Italy today, there's something in this water, a popular water source in Lindfield dating back centuries. People there say it's got healing powers. WBC's Kim Tunnicliffe takes a closer law. Boston Clearwater owner Anthony Gallinari considers himself the steward of the springs. What we don't do the water that's important as you can see, we're trying.

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