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Jill 50 Some restrictions apply seaside for details 7 48 Steve brezner what's happening in traffic land Like I tell you Hillary and prince sturges county I wish I was there Watkins regional park Perfect up both directions one 93 between two 14 and two O two folks heading to the lighting display of very impressive lighting display going on walking's regional park over and prince George's county so expect extensive delays Elsewhere prince George has kind of capitol bell way doing well in both directions No issues over a Montgomery county two 70 traveling incident free coming down from the Frederick area in the ice after the interchange no problem southbound through Gaithersburg all the way down to the lane divide and other lighting display also up at Seneca creek state park Another great place to check out what they're doing up there We're finding delays in both directions on route one 17 clapper road also great Seneca highway trying to access the park they'll be going on for another hour and a half or so Traffic moving well on 95 and the BW Parkway between the two beltways and the district No problems reported on the southeast Southwest freeway We're in fine shape on D.C. two 95 and I two 95 Steve dresner WTO pra traffic Matt Ritter following the weather Mild temperatures the rest of this evening mostly cloudy maybe a few sprinkles temperatures generally in the mid 40s through midnight overnight lows will be in the low to mid.

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