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That's the way i waiting have definitely uh if you're accountant said the same general thing then you definitely want of segregate and personal cards are only for personal things and business cards or only for business things period data and then the accounting that right now is a headache and keeping track of it and all that you eliminate all that and then it gives you the ability how much volume are you running through on cards each month for your business i didn't quite follow that probably around twenty two twenty five twenty five thousand dollars a month so you need to go see the world for his you've got enough charge volume if you like travel you're going to be able to use travel reward cards and earn massive free travel just over a volume of two hundred fifty to three hundred thousand dollars a year okay and so i would do a twofer here i would have cards there were segregated just for business even if you have to pay an annual fee on them to get a huge bonus miles the huge reward points you're able to do the cash flow you need for your business and you're going to earn all those great rewards you're listening to the clark howard show right diabetes high blood pressure hang zay meds everyone's on them if you're fifty year old male maybe abid beefy or even with type 2 diabetes a million dollars of term insurance may only cost you about two hundred bucks a month affordable term life insurance is out there called term provider and speak with big liu at eight hundred four eight one 1450 eight eight hundred four eight one 1450 eight or visit big lou dot com remember big lose like you he's on meds to when you run a growing business you wear a lot of hats the i ordered to hat the mr fixit a hat the it's take care because a handled it yesterday my favorite hat my i received an order from granger hat i look my best and that one graenges got the product signing gets me them when i need him no matter what head on.

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