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Of the syrian american medical society who has teams working in kuta two of his staff were killed the pass for their ornate hours equals ores we concur with what we've seen the last two days and other people and those are the peak of the deterioration of the he made curious tuition site syria the rebelheld enclave of ceuta on the outskirts of the capital damascus has been under siege for more than five years as the syrian regime backed by russian allies crush rebels who they say have been shelling the capital killing civilians the people of gouda are still living in fear after the two thousand thirteen chemical attack that shocked the world it is a lonely society where rebels have used humans as shields and where government forces have fired back to miss our old pack this will basements so adjusted matter off you know them praying hoping that the missile we miss it basement so hunger is wall factor but they're waiting for death and progovernment forces are reportedly preparing a new ground assault dr tear g says he knows families who want to leave but can't they're worried government forces who control checkpoints will consider them rebels and kill them jonathan reporting for cbs news the bay area's obviously no hotbed of evangelical religions still says kcbs reported him ryan the reverend billy graham who died today at the age of ninety nine drew large adoring crowds during his visits here all of your was your bible turned earth graham visited the cow palace in 1958 critical of the arms race trying for bill bigger and better ball more effective mahoning and here is all discipline urine he said of san francisco quote the bay area is so beautiful i hesitate to preach about heaven while i'm here us f political science professor james taylor says grams death is the most significant death of a private citizen since mlk pre the thought of more realistic up politics that we see now with evangelical he says made him beloved by many americans black and white help build martin luther king out or one of the occasion in which martin luther king was arrested the preacher to president since harry truman died in north carolina tim.

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