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Stuart Scott for nine hundred sixty. Five yes one of my. All. Time sportscenter You've got to be everybody's right you know what happens at the end people get tired of. Some of the stuff and it becomes, like Chris Berman once upon. A time, was amazing and then people get tired. Of. Joy the homerun derby other night Back back back back. Back back nonsense all night I agree with you it was it was definitely. Part of it but Stuart Scott. When you think about it really he. Was the first for me he was the, first guy came in and really kind of changed it some of. The things that we have some Jackie, me a couple top five Royce. Clayton takes Guzman out ROY slow your roll kid it's only his fifth. Homer the year but he rushed and crushed at four hundred twenty three feet So you had that right there it's, do headed man never what he said, he, had the cool is. The other side of the pillow this, is cool at the other side of the pillow three-run shot And the funny thing is we all knew what the hell he was talking he was the first, one to say yes. He was the first one to say who doesn't flip that pillow over in the middle. Of the night, to get that cool side of the. Pillow. At you've. Laid on one side, you buddy everybody. Does it's a great point s.. Hijack claims that this. Is the best sportscenter commercial ever hear it is money but you don't have attitude. You too nice it's pathetic you're the man said you're the man Always in. The third person, Keyshawn Kobe did cuss man just cuss. Like. A sailor. This they can bleep, it out later You can see it every day That here's one. Of the better. Ones right there. It, is anymore not like that yeah What it's like. Up up there. In Bristol it. Sportscenter Because quite frankly they were lying to, us because we know as like other things. Up there I'm a mixed going on up there hey last thing here in Howard's coming up with Joe, geez back, Howard, and, Joe j.. Joji coming back from a suspension for, bad sources coming back better sources Joe Julia Howard asking that's a good question Put, that, on Twitter. Put her that's Jack I would. Say off say let's, look at the Paul Stay. Out of that one, at, least get outside the studio Today on this date in one thousand nine. Hundred eighty six. Tim Witherspoon visit. Cincinnati's Tim Witherspoon. Phillies Tim Witherspoon. Thinking about I don't know Tony Tubbs, yeah Tony, TNT yes now that he days Phillies t. Tim bringing up, he defended his, his WB a world championship by beating Frank Bruno in England Never be Frank. Frank Bruno all swallowed up and couldn't really, throw a punch. E for Tyson. Listen listen to. Some of the. People he fought for you boxing fans, out there, right in Tim Witherspoon was a two time world champion he he Ray Mercer Yep Is good boxer to merciless Ray. Mercer, Carl the truth Williams twice he was. Solved he was, soft James Bonecrusher Smith poem crusher sm- Tony. Tubbs Tony TNT tubs Larry Holmes James quick. Tillis Swick. Dylan oh yeah quick Dillard's and. Some other, people so yeah give give all those. Dues right there that was mid eighties to mid nineties out. Dudes right there that's that's back when heavyweight boxing. Was still good he. Was still good you still you. Still have guys now I can't even tell you can't tell you. Anybody, Joshua cloudy, yeah. I, think yeah yeah Yeah, I've heard, of. Them Coming up, next to battle the. Sources Howard and Joji returns. Please, put that poll man We're back. Tomorrow Jack Rachel internally thank you. Very much coming up ex guys talk to you tomorrow live from, Shakey's in south Philly. There's not spitting chew either Dates bid nice cream Which is even worse than spending June Hey, when you get out of your, car you don't have, to stop listening good radio dot com Listened to stories radio. Ninety.

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