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And one plant each in joliet waukegan roy oh millville and near pekan defense secretary james mattis said there is possibly some good news about a us north korea summit on the same day president trump said the united states is talking to north korea after he cancelled a planned summit with leader kim jong un and that everybody plays games correspondent pamela brown has more from the white house the president tweeting as well saying only time and talent will tell he clearly liked what he heard from north korea with the statement last night saying very good news to receive the warm and productive statement from north korea where north korea said it would still like to hold talks and is ready to do so at any time president trump praised the future leaders in front of him but also talked of american military might growing via his administration as he delivered commencement address at the naval academy bob costantini was there is a beautiful day here at navy marine corps stadium where one thousand forty two graduates from the naval academy we'll hear from president trump about their future and also the future of the military the stansfield with family members wondering what the future holds for the sailors and marines commissioned with the president expected to give a hint and what success looks like beyond that right life success happiness last year i president mr trump addressed the coast guard academy so he played up military might at this graduation america is the greatest fighting force for peace justice and freedom in the history of the world bob costantini annapolis a former n double acp leader in washington state whose life unraveled after she was exposed as a white woman pretending to be black has been charged with welfare fraud the catchy diablo known as rachel dollas all before she legally changed her name in two thousand sixteen was charged this week with theft by welfare fraud perjury and false verification for public assistance court documents say she illegally.

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