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Don't you think it should be on nonstop and I don't think there's a shortage of celebrities who we have got stuff to do and it's changed a lot to the way we do treatment and stuff it'd be interesting to update at all but I wanNA see more I. Don't want to the treatment everything i. I WANNA see every. Let me tell you would do. This time is we would we used to say this because I finished my group who groups two and a half hours every day. Right so I'd come out of groups and the director we're just GonNa Kinda people could see these just put these up it'll be a it'd be people would never stop watching well now we can put it on a digital version. Will he may be put it up, even live over filming the show or something who knows you know you really sit through the actual treatment. And in the therapy sessions be a little more of that on TV. Boring to that groups are in my the group stuff was the best and watching how other people react freak out I'm fascinated by that. Yeah. Let's as much as I feel gratitude for you saved my life here. You have also caused the most disturbing symptom. I've ever had of despair and misery that this. Kobe. And that is the. Preoccupation I have with the ninety day. Fiance. Fair, that is your fault. You put me on it. It was I didn't realize it was heroin you're giving me, and now it's pathetic and the reason I thought of it is. Because we were talking about therapy on TV and endorsing Stacey last night, the therapist did a Shitty job and I was commenting. That's not how you do this early, not how you doing TV. What tell me what your critique was telling me. She was clearly it would it. Two different. Darcy's eight because I think it's a lesbian, those young girls twin Darcy wins the all those to the blonde looks thing. Oh, boy those are so nutty. Yeah. She's one who's like not nobody's good enough for me. What happens? So this. This therapist was started going down the cognitive path and I'm thinking Oh this. First of all. Now know the cognitive behavioral therapy doesn't work on. TV. Number One. But, number two, it was so cognitive and so detached, and so lack lack of empathy and insight. She got to the fact we're the crazy one darcy in the left. told the whole story about you know they're like, why? Why these abandoning Matt right in Carry I. was relationship with your debt. Noda. Round the but who raised you my older brother who just died in his twenties and it's like, Oh, you see anyway let's move on. Oh my God that's your spend a year there with test to mine what's going on with the spore woman. So that was the disturbed meet actually therapist just blew over. The loss of. Are you thinking that the woman was deeply a clearly overwhelmed by the feelings and I thought Oh, well, this needs to be regulated. This'll take three years maybe. At least yeah, because Darcy and the. And the therapist went to you see you just gotta learn to love yourself. That is not therapy but learning the love yourself. First of all people who don't have that self love just saying that. People I it enrage me when people will be like he needs have self care self esteem. I anything cognitive unless it's reiterated a thousand times doesn't really it doesn't resume I used to use it for cognitive insight with to say, well, there it is. Now we need to go work there for another couple of years, but you see it let's look at it. Put. It back because it's out too much for you but we'll get to the point where we can really get into the emotions. Feelings. Are the hardest part to get into Jackson is the feelings even and the feelings have layers layers in layers at each time and each time you know. For a decade. But yeah. But what's so fascinating as you're able to experience the phenomenon differently, you literally looking at it from a different place. Yeah. It's like you're a different person. And you can't do that by going you see what the inside you see what you're. That's nothing zero not real change. So now let's talk about Darcy in the state give you could just bring up the image of those two women because I think it's interesting and I've always wanted to do back to the previous page I want to own A. Big Part. Go down they look fucking picture right there in the left upper. Okay. On the show a million times, they're always trying to find this one love Darcy. On the right. That's that's who different people you're gonNA that's wild Darcy's the right to tell the difference because I'm deeply involved. It's your fault. Because what happened was I switched from heroin to Meth? God this is this is a lesser, both bad. Bad. I get fascinated with people to and I want to know more. So bring back Darcy and Lisi. What I WANNA do is dating show Stacey I want to dating show that's like this is why you're fucking single cause these chicks are always this one darcy will say I. Don't know why I can't find a game doesn't let okay I'll all you why your tits are out you dressed like a prostitute and I'm she's a lovely woman okay I'm not saying Darcy's. Sweet girl. But I'm saying if you just look at the presentation and you did this with Penny flame and all the porn stars and you're like, here's an. That was always my favorite when you made porn stars take off their makeup. Yeah. Here's a wipe take all that shit off your face. Let's see. You NBA you. Let's see what that is. Let's see you and if you're not being you then were we got nowhere to go. Yeah what you're being. Identity and this whole thing this whole which we again I really liked Darcy Stacey and I mean no disrespect I'm just talking. Unattractive you can't tell them traffic is they'll push back but you have to say this may be part of why you're attracting the wrong kind of people attracting a certain. If, you look at the guys that they go after it's like. deuce backs. Essentially a male version of them. Oh, the exterior stuff and nothing who knows what's Vein. We don't even know what since are usually Socia-. Yeah I. Don't know if you happen to see ninety day fiance where she. Did but what? We're Darcy Hooks. Off. The people that are on the pillow talk. Well, here's. God Damn it. You're in it man you're deep I. Love It. You killing. Eve and now I'm stuck on the last episode and make a new one because of Kobe. So upset. Actress. I'm. I'm. So. anyways. She's with the English guy. What is his deal because sociopath Yes for? Maybe just maybe. Our narcissist friends and I said. Look why is he on the show? He's like. Well, this is not this is the thing about a lot of this show that very interesting to me which is. I'm. GonNa. Say this with peace and love everybody. That reality shows, I'M GONNA try to say this kindly. Attract a certain kind of people. I Terry. And it's not just like Darcy and Stacey. Broken narcissist Blah Blah Blah Blah button it, it attracts people who will do anything beyond TV..

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