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Let alone about someone in politics i just prior mind is blown that he was already ucla's quarterback and the pro prospect and that he thought it was a good idea to do that so there's three negatives in my mind for josh rosen the only negative for darnold is the fumbles and i think that that's just hey he hasn't played that much to hands on the ball i think you'll be okay thank you ron and we always appreciate your time and good luck tonight thanks take care that's ron tucker former nfl linemen working for westwood one and be sports network and serious watching sam darnold and watching some of his highlights on his fumbles and because i was curious where is the ball when when he does it's not like he's the guy that you can just smack at and knock it out from him he extends his his arm out so it's really easy to steal them what he has to do is when he knows that he's in space you've got to you've got tighten it you've got to bring it into you and every time i saw him with a fumble he had his hand out as if he's woller peyton you know high stepping down the field that you cannot do these guys with their length that they're these edge rusher they're just gonna be slapping at your arm constantly and that was what stood out was where the ball was when he would have these fumbles i will take a break mike mayock has his mock draft last gall for mock draft i'm all done with mock drabs after this i got i got no more none one.

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