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To the program on this wednesday at going on right in week if he can fifty minutes this past weekend in the last thing report on americans losing jobs and having the indignity of having to train their replacement to began this way program created more than twenty five years ago allows american companies to fill gaps in the workforce from overseas was highly skilled employees who can't be found in the us many businesses used the program as intended but we discovered more and more are taking advantage of loopholes in the law to fire american workers and replaced him with younger cheaper temporary foreign workers with a twenty jesus joining us on the line are are some people or featured in that report which i felt fast thing sara black was a president of protect us workers board unknown attorney of the black well firm also professor the university of south florida and tampa hello sara i sara and there all double check that also on the line with us is craig d'angelo who work for north three ne utilities in connecticut and someone who losses job another train his foreign replacement la crag i thank you for coming our the so so let's begin with you of our week to week connecting us error i think a lot of americans have thought that when a hear stuff about the all we don't want foreigners coming into this country going to take american jobs that that they're frequently referring to people coming across the border illegally to take eight dollar in our jobs or media labor your condition and what happen is quite different your you you're dealing in and and higher tech types of jobs and in fact it is a replacement.

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