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Seven ten is the number you know if you look at the list of cases U. S. at number one with a hundred and forty four thousand number one you know if you switch that to per capita based on population we're like number thirteen so per capita we don't have a lot more cases than everybody else also keep an eye on Sweden because they're they're taking the whole of entirely opposite approach they've decided not to shut down anything let everybody go out restaurants everything's open let it run through the population they were about four thousand last week now they're eleven thousand so it is climbing but it's an interesting approach just watch those numbers from there Hey let's take a call to let's go to Jerry in Philadelphia Jerry how you doing okay mark thank you taking my call to point we are witnessing the rebirth of our nation needs to Michael Christian nominee ripple effect of how we live and how we do business here quick catchy title two quick examples I talked to my doctor this morning he loves telemedicine and most important a last point take China's money we take their power yeah well that's good I think we lost Jerry but you're a good point thanks for calling and you have to call your doctor I'm sure you've got nothing to do right now talk to you but Hey a lot of things are gonna change here when the everything re opens and everything will re open but you know and online shopping became more popular than retail now a lot of older people they're the ones that still did like online to go on the streets now they got used to online stuff that's going to change a lot of restaurants doing delivery top restaurants that didn't do it even radios even Peter lugar's doing delivery or takeout and delivery but so lot more restaurants will do that and a lot of people never heard of GrubHub or seamless or uber eats discovering all that stuff and we just go to Gus who's calling from Long Island Gus how are you Hey good morning mark and logo ones if you want to come over a story on page five group posted a post stuff in Marlboro referring New York Knicks team he's playing in China though he made a play we contract with a factory data good to deliver ten million of the C. ninety flooded the copper line mares and the beer bottles or call one of those applause real could you talk about that one hang up please all right thanks very good question do we want to talk about that well who is he talking about somebody for the Knicks right yes Stephan Marbury you can tell I'm not a basketball fan Hey but there are masks come in from all over the place the manufacture them around the clock care even Mike Lindell MyPillow figured out how to convert his factory to make the masks to the proper specifications you've got three and you've got all these great companies watch the briefings and that yesterday the thing nobody else would do no politician they had a meeting of all the like the business leaders all in a conference room the president allowed cameras into a televised that live it was fascinating what you know some companies want to do this but they didn't have FDA approval to present yelling at somebody get approval let's get this done right away there is going to Sam calling from New York City Sam how you doing mark thank you so much local and honestly thank god for you and another person on the radio the only people I've been listening to this great gonna start because when I listen to you I do like I do like I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel all you just did did did did show the other person you listen to you'll pick a ball he is the ad positive he's finally got a listener I love job yeah thank you mark but they did something very very unique value that cannot be duplicated and it is just call you deserve Bach was the old Big Bird that mailing out if you want to go arrest people because they hanging out so close to each other playing in the park walking on the beach meanwhile have you gone to the subway let me each one will and I'm not I'm not gonna call them homeless mark because I like the river well that is actually your home right Sam it's a good point thanks for calling a couple of things one of you know the mayor could do you breedings yelling and screaming about about what's wrong with Donald Trump but he's not doing everything he can to do it for I keep hearing Penn station is getting out of control if the mayor is releasing all these prisoners and apparently there in Penn station menacing people he needs to get Penn station under control even the guardian angel had to come in there and help out because it's a it's getting bad there homeless all that stuff this is not good in a crisis like this the mayor is going to be on top of that yeah he's got to run the city if you see these briefings he's yelling and screaming looking frightened and what else is that you see a glazed look in his eyes what could that be anyway let's go to a show in New Jersey Hey Joe I figured figured out this pardon thing yes they're gonna run button to choose the best chance they think to be trump but really you're voting for the vice president.

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