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But I don't know the Hispanic he's done. So it's just so many to put him there, but I still I felt it was really mean though when they were yelling about his parents. I've felt that so weird place to like you end of all those have a big heart. A small bring. Any man that gets a sidecar and doesn't rent it. But buys it, can you rent those gets you can't and then it falls apart every time he drives it I've never seen him drive a mile without being. I think that to the way Andy Yelda Kristen, he was like, you will not stop talking. You how you're talking all the time. And he was like you were answering everyone's questions she's pretty. She's pretty insufferable. Did you think I was going to stop it? Pretty. Brady. She'd also. Yeah, she's about. She's on your answering mountain. Dews. Oh, no. It's water. I like mountain dew. I have so much respect for you. Do commercial them. That was why is Jack lying that he live with Channing Tatum. I was like, yes, I was a pathological liar. But I'm not anymore. It's like no. A liar. Also, the fact this was the grossest thing that we found out that Katy couldn't fuck Tom because she had diarrhea. They don't care what they say, can you imagine having diarrhea and then walking into a room? Full of sour patch kids. Violin it? And the file. And you have diarrhea at your expected to buck someone. That is truly that is my L. That is worse than buck into being face to face with a great white is having diarrhea walking into sour patch kids and has with every pouring out of me. Sounds like other fuck you to not eat. Money came by tens. She's strikes me as always having diarrhea. It's just always either. Emoji when she's sitting in the chair at the reunion site. Aso's just lose and flap in the brain. Awful. I wanna eat her. Zoo, even d'arvor than that is the information that we found out that Sheena shea had to fuck another guy to make Adam go down on her. And then he did. It works. I mean it works, but his that how you wanna get a guy to go down on your like I'm just bucking us that my kind of boyfriend will go down on me. It is such an insane logic train to go down every path these people take your g went from a f to be to see it just as so like a wine. Oh, god. I really wish reciprocate insects. Okay. I'm gonna find a guy fuck him and then leave me out after that. And then she's right? It was really sad. When Lalla like made her concession to Sheena she also treats her girlfriends, like guys like so desperate for their ten. Yeah. Affection in LA LA was like, listen. I I'll try a little bit harder with you. And she knew it like. She's so sad. Is rough..

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