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Strategic and systematic. The answer is not automatic. You know the problem is with a lot of our human capital expenditures. Now, they're very ad hoc. I would define ninety percent of the company's HR practices at Hawk and reactive it's very much like quality management was back in the eighties. There was a lot of talk of quality circles and I forget all the lingo that was going on but quality's Not. Good. In the US and so you really you can't just throw money at people you have to ask for strategic as dramatic approach based on your brand, your vision, your values, your culture, and that alignment right and once you have that alignment which is fundamental. Then you can actually implement strategies that make sense. So for instance, it's all about integrating with companies currently silo. For instance, coaching recruitment learning. Communications rewards recognition of diversity collaboration. These are processes that should be allied mich should be interlocking, but it most companies enormous amounts of money is really stood inefficiencies in politics or created because you have training doing one thing. Then Senate people doing something else somebody's hiring these coaches, US getting an employee engagement survey. Playing. H and service it's on the shelf and there's no measurement of anything and the people don't WanNa lose their budgets. So they put in for them next year and the silly sight of absurdity goes on and this is true I'm sorry in about eighty percent of companies Yup Bruce, how can folks get in contact with you if they want to learn more? On. Again, thank you. Email is bolger the EA dot. Org. The Dot Org, and of course, Google Enterprise engagement and you'll find me or course Lincoln. Coal we've got about five minutes to go bruce I WANNA cop cover two topics here. One is with regard to who ultimately should be responsible for managing these metrics implementing these metrics inside an organization. My Spider sense tells me you're likely to say it's a CFO but let me if I'm wrong. You're spider senses probably right of the CEO of course has to me. The CEO is not behind the effort and continuing behind the effort. it will work I. Think the CFO is the best. person to help coordinate. because. See it doesn't just involve a jar. It also involves marketing sales, customer service operations. So.

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