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Call Michael and son today and get a $49 furnace tuna Traffic and weather on the 8s back to rich hudder and the WTO P traffic center It works on the Ada loop the valley in Virginia between root 7 and I 66 just about wrapped up in clear you already had three lanes getting by again they were moving the last of the barrels out of the roadway Still no word yet if they started a clear the work sent on the interlude with the valet that was blocking the two exits 66 east and west and then on the antelope before George Washington park where that works and remains solidly in the right length suit getting by without delay but just be aware as we're out there 66 westbound west of libro still got the right lane block with the crash cleanup against stay left to get by not causing much of the delay just be aware you're going to come or at it from around the curve they did have some flares out there to warn you but again be careful if you're working your way over there Now in Maryland two 70 northbound crash cleanup continues before the interchange four I three 70 Maryland 200 and Sam Mike highway at last check still getting by two lanes to the left as they continue clean up operations local lanes were also getting by without delay Two 70 southbound from Frederick down to the bubble good start so far No incidents anyway over on the bay bridge the overnight work on the westbound span picked up and cleared three lanes last round two lanes eastbound and no delay in either direction Visit fit small dot com to find a safe used car Fitzgerald as hundreds of cars trucks and SUVs next to a new car a Fitz way car is best as it fits small dot com today rich hundred W two traffic Storm team four chief meteorologist Doug Cameron with the forecast Cold out there on your Thursday That's the big word there high temperatures only in the mid 30s Wind chills in the 20s so a very cold afternoon for sure High temperatures on your Friday back in the mid.

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