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President Biden will get a new Cabinet member on this vote. The ayes or 69. The nays are 27 that Senate vote after one of the House help Tee up the confirmation this morning, Retired General Lloyd Austin won bipartisan support for a waiver to a federal law requiring officers be out of the military at least seven years before leading the Pentagon. So I believe 100% Mr Austin has met the criteria to be granted this exclusion. House Armed Services Committee chairman Adam Smith. In the committee's top Republican Mike Rogers, recommended that waiver. But, Rogers adds, Congress should not have to entertain these waivers. Presidents need to follow the law as written. President Trump's first defense secretary, retired general James Mattis, required a waiver four years ago on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern Fox News on Wall Street stocks could fall down futures down more than 200 points. NASDAQ futures have also been dropping the day after. NASDAQ here the new record high if you're online it all. Even if you aren't on social media, you've probably seen all the means of Senator Bernie Sanders and his coat and now fairy famous mittens the inauguration than even he admits. He's amused by them, and so is the person who made those mittens for Sanders teacher Jen Ellis, surprised to see Senator Bernie Sanders wearing the cozy pair of mittens. She made him to President Biden's inauguration. Ellis, who is friends with his daughter in law, says she made the hand where for Sanders When he lost the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, explaining their sewn from repurposed sweaters, Folks photoshopping an image of the senator in a coach and the mittens in the scenes from films like Forrest Gump or the Famous one to Top, a skyscraper photograph, even inspiring the hashtag Bernie's Mittens 2024, Kristen Goodwin Fox News In case you're wondering it. A lot of people have been That teacher.

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