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Of these. That that stuff as we did a story about that, that's still in the fine print in a lot of a lot of labor early. So I mean I think we can't look at racism as a relic of the past. I think we have to face it very much in how it manifests today and white communities have to be a central part of that strategy because unfortunately, the reason that these rules have been rigged for so long with to benefit and protect the power of white people. Will look at the constitution right and why black people were named three fifths of a human being it was for the purposes of apportioning property empower, and some of those same rules endure today whether it be you know the way that. That black people. comprise. An. Overwhelming number of people who are behind bars whether it be you know even the kinds of things where you know black people have been. Incarcerated for you know marijuana at four times the rate as white folks even though the usage is the same. But now that cannabis is becoming legal in places like California, you would think that black people would dominate an industry that we were once criminalised for. But in fact what we're finding is that white communities are dominating that industry that was being used not more than three years ago. To lack up a poor black folks across the nation. So the question always has to be not, how can I be a better ally? Not How can I be a better co-conspirator but what can I gain? From making sure that black lives matter and without a real reckoning from that perspective. I don't see how the actions that we take shift. least. Thank you so much. You can find out about all the things at least you is working on right now at the black futures lab and and her own podcast called lady don't take no, which is a great title. It's like way better than it's all political. I Love I love it. Love it, and you can catch a new episode out every Friday and this week we have an special guests from the Movement for five. You don't WanNa miss them. Excellent. Thank you so much for being on its political. Thank you appreciate you having. I'd like to thank you all for listening and hope you and your family are safe and healthy. I'd like to thank Lisa Garza for joining us here today. I'd like to thank the King King Kaufman for producing today's episode and a shoutout to our great theme Music Cattle Call Written by Randy Clark and performed by Randy Clark and Crow Song. And remember. Matter whether you're an ally where co-conspirator. It's all political..

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