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Uncle Jim Vance Jim known locally crazy Jim after the war ended Hatfield settled down with vic- turned to farming cutting timber buying real estate heaven bear cubs for pets seriously and pumping out thirteen kits that I asked I tell don't tell you spill your seat us out of me pregnant, again, you bastard, I have any more babies I'm just gonna let him fall out to push fall out of my poll woman, hold it won't. Close baby's going to fall out whilst I'm walking over to spit on your grave ambitious aggressive had field created one of the most successful timber businesses in the area vigorously defendant, eventually taken a man to court because he reportedly cut timber from Hatfield, Lance. This man was Perry Cline? He'll factor in today's tale had failed won his suit against Perry. Cline perry. Cline would later. Bring national attention to the feud Perry Cline, the relative by marriage, and friend, and then attorney to the McCoy's Randolph. Randall McCoy Devlin's future nemesis core victory. Devlin's had over Perry. Ended up giving the devil five thousand acres of Perry's land making him one of the biggest if not the biggest landowners in the valley. So that's Dev. Lance powerful landowner, especially for this for this area. Important patriarch of the Hatfield side of the food and toughest shit. You know, maybe maybe he did fight off mount line when he was a kid, maybe he didn't. But by the end of the story. He'll he'll seem like a man capable of doing that. So it's talking about his nemesis. Randall McCoy headed a dog vote. Oh, born Randolph McCoy eighteen twenty five. And by the way, getting confused. They were never referred to as doc vogue and hog folk. That's my little thing. I'm run with it the rest of the suck. But I want you to ever be talking to somebody and think. Yeah. Yeah. There was dog born Randolph coin eighteen twenty five in the tug Rivoli Randall later, sometimes known as old Randall born fourteen years prior to devil. He's one of thirteen kids because apparently back then you had to have at least thirteen kids. Thank you, scientists for birth control. Thank you for the sect Amies. Thank you for dismantling, my balls, preventing me from from place in the curse of having far too many kids upon myself. Mccoy grew up in poverty, his Father Daniel had little interest in work. So as mother Margaret had struggled to care for feed and clothe the family eighteen forty nine McCoy, married. His first cousin Sarah Sally McCoy, doc, folk Mirren dog folk on won't do know. How haven't hall folktales the bloodlines like, mama anto? Daddy, grandpa uncle don't poke you'll flesh inside. No one who went kin. Bending ding, dang mingling. Dane. Dilling dang bang building. Bang bang bang to be fair as we have learned before. Marrying? Cousins wasn't just some hillbilly thing. Royals often would cousins even Einstein Mary his first if you'll actually recall Einstein, Elsa, Einstein Albert's his second wife. Oh, it was our first cousin on his mother's side and second cousin on his father's side double cousins. So I guess what? I'm trying to say is random coy was probably genius Sally haired land from her father a few years after they married Luggy for Randall, and they settled on this three hundred acre spread in pike county Kentucky where they had seventeen kids together. Seven teen kits before eventually Sally wised up and put a mouse trap inside her vagina. Oh, damn you scheming woman. You broke my damn Pekka. You damn near snap it in to your mouse trap, which trickery. I'm honestly surprised at anal sex wasn't way more popular back then like like, maybe initially in your marriage as as lady a lady of the tug valley, you don't have any interest anal sex. But then I think like after the twelfth kid, I would think you'd consider it. I'm surprised more women were just like, okay. Okay. If you if you have to keep putting that somewhere, you put it back there, you put it you put my back Dover Jonah, you know, but but if nine minutes later, I'll give birth to some, but baby Damon, I will kill you random car. I meant to say nine minutes, I feel like the Jess station period for a demon. But baby would be shorter than for a human baby..

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