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Itchy wool socks and a pair and a union union suit long underwear. How many tractors the flap on the back tractors? Tractors than you would expect from a place set is has tractor blue jeans. If they're attractor. Farmers. Okay. It's a farm store. Nothing. I never been on a farm. I don't know. Can buy birdseed bird. I see okay. Call you one time I'll say chip not gonna call me. Contractors? It is lunch with him lunch. There's one off route four right now exe- Andrea. That's right. Clermont county's county Harrison. My people right there commercial right there. I'm getting so I'm not getting jeans though from tractor supply town and country in Hillsborough, though, I'm going to nordstrom's Pierre. What's on the blade you make all the money? Storm is hitting the poll again in order to pay for her lease that she has accrued from Donald Trump's defense of his defamation suit, which was tossed in October. A judge has ordered stormy to pay Donald two hundred ninety three thousand dollars for fictitious lawsuits should have been filed. So to make the money she's going to go back to the poll. That lawsuit and for the for the Trumpster now, that's a lot. Michael cohen. No, no, no. I didn't hear different lawyers by that part of the beauty of me. Is that I'm very rich. He's going to be richer scores. Jomon club has generously offered a contract to stormy. So that she can you know, perform her act at their eleven locations. What's the name of the strip club scores, Jeb? Now. I've not been segment. Magic city been the magic city. A couple of scores. We have a video part of the MLS championship Cup being used by strippers in Atlanta. I recall that got the stripper stink. I'm not sure what's wrong with it. But nothing wrong now. Please continue Rachel trophy. Look like you had a go time. Tell him tell him the offer you're making depose on natural. It's not really an offer so much as you keep saying that I need to follow in your footsteps. Yes. And in order to possibly reach our year end goal that we should resurrect bodies is a big one with yours truly being the body. Bingo, chip, what do you think? I Ralph breaking much you're talking about that. Now, here's the thing. No, I refuse to reward bad behavior. So I'm not going to put up any pictures unless we meet the goal. I if you meet the goal by the end of the year clicks. January twenty nineteen but we're not gonna we're no I'm not going to give it away for free. No, you guys have to earn. This can you do we have to do there? Right right there. What do we have to you have to go to the website, click on repeatedly? Then you get to see Rachel in two thousand nineteen. Will you be clicking a lot? Thank you. We need one hundred thousand okay. A little bit more than we need. Two thousand. You know, what you ought to have a battle with if stormy makes the three hundred grand or you get one hundred thousand clicks. I thank you. That's good. That's a lot of polls polls. You bet miss USA is apologizing for insensitive comments that she made while she was participating is part of the Miss Universe.

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