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Lee to rule he just isn't a constant state of being stung yes all i think todd haley's yeah i think todd yes stunned by bees ya um todd haley just hates big bent yeah i think that's pretty clear we throw the ball we will of all you rigor eightyearold quarterback go out there and throw the ball sixty six times the with the other thing i the ravens offense i mean they have i've never understood i guess i understand it because it may works put the ravens offense of game plan is just run it and then when when you're tired of running it just throw a deep and get a pass interference and flaco there's no one better in the entire world who can throw deepall that that is close enough so it's not uncatchable yeah put too far away that the guy actually can't catch it and you just get the passer fair that's we don't want to make your receiver actually catch the ball that is a hundred percent why they signed mike wallace to just tell home run directly straight and big beds going over under throw the shoot out of view uh he will not be able to catch up to you so then come back to the ball get interfered with or turning into a corner back and half to deflect the ball way right you should be allowed to two right mike wallace in as a pro bowl quarterback after this game yes after all it did what you've vaunts on on more balls that me one day i think joe flack was probably going to be the first quarterback in history to drop pi on a like a spike like when he's just killing yeah those somehow make that half flexibly of the rest of like okay will destroy uh the last thing wanna talk about we had we had an alltime snow game which everyone loves snow games mmhmm um but we also had the uh week i think we should actually asare new segment like is football going to die uh weekly segment 'cause tom savages hit when he had a seizure and then everyone it went from it it it's the same tower time it's a seizure or it's a big hit its post on the.

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