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Looks like he's going to miss the World Cup ngolo kante. Looks like he's going to miss the World Cup. Huge names are dropping. And so the fact that you think it's going to be a big setback, I think it could be an advantage. The guys get a little break, they stay healthy, but if it is going to be a huge setback, that's a really big problem for the U.S. men's national team and maybe as well for the Liga mecci. The guys that are on the Mexican national team as well 'cause I'm looking at the names. It's not just long and Zimmerman. I mean Jesus Ferreira Paul areola they play later tonight. They could go out. Deandre yedlin, he's playing right now, enter Miami could go out. We'll bring you those highlights a little bit later on. Kellen Acosta with LAFC. I mean, even if they go to my last cup, it's one. Only three more games. Are you worried that this is going to be like a real big problem if these guys have to play? I am a little worried for the U.S. national team. And because the love of the playing field isn't level. And what I said earlier, everybody's on the same calendar in a normal World Cup. So the Europeans and the same calendar as if you play ligaments are just as you played MLS, et cetera, et cetera. Now they get to stay game level with sharpness. Imagine starting preseason. Anytime you see a precinct start and you see the first game, the second game, the third game, it's never as crisp. It's never as sharp. And you say, well, they've not really gotten their season form yet. They're still in pre season form. I'm a little afraid that we're going to see that leading into the World Cup with teams like the U.S. national team, teams like Mexico, where there are some elements of their squad that aren't European based. And there are some players that will be out of Matt fitness. So if this is a problem maybe for guys like Zimmerman and long, then I got to ask you like, who it benefits? Because I think everybody's hoping it's going to be Chris Richards, but the latest news out of Crystal Palace is going to be another week without playing. You know, start to add these weeks up, park, you do the math. It's going to be a rush for Chris Richards to get back in time for this World Cup and really be healthy. Let alone being playing in the Premier League and be up to any type of game rhythm. Is it somebody that's outside the picture? I know you've never been very high on Tim ream, but if the logic is, hey, the MLS guys aren't going to be playing at all. Here's a guy who's going to be playing captaining at the Premier League level all the way in the build up to the World Cup. That ought to help his case, or even a guy like John Brooks, who we know, I know it was against what a fourth tier team in the Portuguese cup, but he played a 120 minutes for Benfica over the weekend. The issue here is Greg berhalter's comments coming back to haunt him. He tends to contradict himself here. And he said it that if guys aren't playing, it's going to be a worry for him, and that's why he wants to do this camp. So if you have center backs who aren't playing or some that won't even be available at some point, regardless of how you want to play, it's about who you have available. So that tactical scheme of a high line may have to go out the window. And you may have to recall John Anthony Brooks. You may have to recall a Tim reem, who right now is playing. You may have to do things like that to get players like that available to you. So your competitive at this World Cup. Again, just to compare what Mexican fans think versus what U.S. fans think. Mexico fans very worried about their central defense, right? They would love to have a John Brooks Tim reen there was outside the list that you could call in if you needed to, right? There's a lot of jobs. Maybe not depth. There's a lot of options in this American pool. Just how deep it is, I guess we won't find out until the World Cup. A deep schedule hook of La Liga action coming for you on ESPN+

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