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Degrees of twelve oh three good Saturday morning I'm Gerry Hotchkiss on newsradio ten eighty K. R. L. G. not while you're making plans to enjoy Super Bowl the Super Bowl there's something else you really need to be thinking about to how you're going to get home if you've been drinking the Texas department of transportation's plan while you can campaign as part of the effort to end the streak of daily deaths on Texas roadways techstars Val Lopez last year to reasonable weekend and across a Texas we had three hundred ten do you I alcohol related crashes that ended up killing eleven people not to mention if you're pulled over you can be hit with up to seventeen thousand dollars in fines and fees jail time and loss of your license Lopez says there's really no excuse to drink and drive with ride sharing services so readily available now Melanie brown TS and news of Parker county man is behind bars for repeated sexual assault of a child care are oldies Andrew Greenstein reports that this is not this follows first offense thirty seven year old Brandon Lee Taylor was arrested yesterday and is in the Parker county jail on two hundred thousand dollars bond the woman told investigators that Taylor had repeatedly sexually assaulted her over a five year period when she was between twelve and seventeen years old deputy Danny Hoffman says the woman is very likely not Taylor's only victim resulted into educational that and we're hoping that all of them will come for Mrs Taylor was previously arrested in twenty fifteen for sexual assault of a child which was played down to injury to a child the part of his conviction Taylor was required to register as a sex offender Andrew Greenstein newsradio ten eighty K. are all day zero the traffic and weather center complexions to talk about in Arlington cellphone highway three sixty just north of each piece Mitchell there is a significant backup last I checked it was approaching each division in Duncanville north from highway sixty seven at the intersection of I. twenty an accident working there as well see something give me a call if you would please on the traffic tip hotline that's two one four two one nine ten eighty they're all the weather center mostly clear for the rest.

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