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I'd made my third NBA team and the best one yet. This was the Phoenix Suns of daughter Meyer, Shawn Marion and Nash who would be named the NBA's most valuable player well leading the Suns to a sixty two and twenty regular season record tops in the NBA Kate Hudson and come back to see me. And this time she was carrying flowers. Nothing. Could stop me. Now. Nothing but general manager Bryan Colangelo who asked to see me after the regular seasons. I practice one day before my debut as a Phoenix people'd up a chair across from the one that sat in front of my locker and told me the team had just gotten word that the Memphis grizzlies were going to buy out the contract of Bo outlaw who'd been a fan favourite in one of his previous jobs in Phoenix. The sons were going to have to release me. So they could sign out law whom the grizzlies were so anxious to have not play for their team that they were willing to pay him a couple of million dollars. I was twenty three the first time. I was cut by an NBA team. I've gone to training camp with the defending world champion, Los Angeles, Lakers. Phil Jackson, Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Brian at first I'd been overmatched anytime I checked in. But I made quick progress. I understood the triangle offense almost instinctively I was more than anyone thought I got along with shack. And so by the third week of training camp. I was starting to dream big. Maybe I'd make the team after all. The call came to my hotel room near the Lakers training facility. There's always a hotel room near the training facility. The coaches wanted to see me when I was finished being released. I went back to the hotel room and fell onto my bed. Crying the desperate cries of someone who's world has just crashed in around him. I expected something similar to happen when I was cut by the sons so much so that I could feel myself girding against Pierce. His cO Angelo's words, can those tears didn't come being cut wasn't such a big deal. Because at least I could walk and smell. I shook Colangelo hand and told him I appreciate the opportunity, but not like an asshole, I really had appreciated the opportunity, and I wrote a long note to the team on the locker rooms dry array sports, telling them, I was happy. I'd gotten to spend some time with them. And that Sure. I was sure good things in store for them. Pack my bags and went back to Kansas City where after three weeks my agent called to tell me that a team in Russia wanted me to come play for them. The Russian team was willing to sign me to a month to month contract. If I didn't like Russia, I could leave after one month the deal would be the same after the second month. Oh, and by the way, we're going to pay me forty thousand dollars for each of those months. It was my fourth year as a professional basketball player and already made enough money to pay off half the mortgage on my house in Kansas City was pretty fantastic I thought, but one cannot play basketball forever. The nature of tendons, ligaments is that they have finite. Life spans. So on Thanksgiving Day, I left for Kazan Russia..

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