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I think you look at what you saw in the let the ladder to our stretch of yesterday's around nec biggest turnarounds in a major for a golfer where he's able to completely turnaround his mental approach i actually think yesterday was was close to being a worse outcome than what happened in in 2016 at the masters with two going in the water that was a quick mental mistake that overwhelmed a young kid this was mistake after mistake where he was kim compounding the mental issues along with the physical we saw him missing short putts we saw him quick hitting these eight 10foot par putts which has been his bread and butter and putting is essentially would wanna yesterday i think for all of us we have to likud happened on the thirteenth as just the the greatest examples to what makes him such a good competitor to date and that's the mental approach he did not get overwhelmed by teeshot that would have had every other player scurrying to retain hit a provisional off that teebox he wanted to talk through every option and i think it's the talking that got him back to where he's comfortable he wants to take charge you saw him directing traffic like he was a marshall you over there that guy in the shirt and people complain about how long it took him to play that whole a lot of it was outside of his hands rules officials not necessarily knowing line of sight the issues of a modern major with just the size of the trucks but i think i think that hole put him back in a position of strength where you got to see what makes him so strong coming down which is making these unbelievably strong putts and fearless iron shots so you've heard from us now let's hear from steve sampson was there who went on a flight all day today to philadelphia from england gotten a car went down to the beach where i hope it's going to be a very pleasant sunset in your life of watching golf.

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