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Microphone on for you. Visit. Michelle and Jeff for Treva. We'll be back tomorrow night talking about this article that Jeff growth about in the Trenton wing. Now, I'm preaching myself out. About skipping. Station attendants and this a former student of yours was saying that she always tips. And I think also because she carries cash because she works in a tipping industry or tender. She's a bartender. So, you know, maybe they tip better to other people who get tips. But how common is it in New Jersey to tip the gas station attendant now, I get it. If you go to the same person around the holidays, you give them a little extra coming around. No. But I just can't see every single time giving them money. I just I can't see that. But a lot of people are calling in saying that they do one guy five dollars. That's a lot of money every single time. When I was a little Kelly's thing cassation tenants for rich because of cash I want to be when I grew up. Let's go to Michael in Runnymede. You're on New Jersey one. Oh, one point five. Hey, michael. How are you? I always tip back in nineteen sixty seven before I got drafted. I worked at a Texaco station. I do not remember what the wage was. But when a customer came in not only did we have to pump the gas. We had to wash all the windows. Check the oil and check the battery and shut the air and all the tires that was standard.

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