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I don't know if this is gonna covers a shock but imprisonment not really is something that him grade at uh just like i've i've loved that kind of like you know that spoiled brat jamie lancaster coming out in that moment such a matter of fact way when he's talking to his cousin uh but he i think he's just he's trying to get it done i don't think that he has any us cents in his mind that he is going to be able to survive the night given just the heat of the camp in uh what he's observing with car stark and all of that so i think he is trying to goad catlin inside just like ending this quickly and maybe even in so doing weakening the starks somehow uh by like having that be the way that it was carried out could potentially damaged the the the politics here at the stark camp that could be of benefit to a sister so there's a lot of things that could be that could be happening here including robbed the very first meeting ever between jamie lancaster and bryanne of darth yang actor sorted me very much interwoven in the future bears coppola of lines that he has that i really just laughed aloud when he first sees brienza considerable mmhmm yeah yeah uh he's really mean he's really mean about bryanne here he's gonna continue to be very mean of bryanne through season 3 through much of season 3 anyway uh i forgot i'd forgotten that he was abd that that jamie was freed with quite so much time to spare in season two though i guess it really isn't a ton of time to spare considering one episode is going to be completely devoted to one story line in particular so like every other story line that isn't kings landing in status uh only has to episodes left the he's got i do these interesting though but that jamie does not want to try to kill himself like there's no mention to all thin ally hey get me in a show called you know that he seems resigned to his fate but he definitely want some sort of a you know a death at the hands of his enemies as opposed to doing anything to potentially injure himself he added that he wants.

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