General Motors Corporation, Gary Brynner, Eleven Years discussed on Radio Diaries - #70: The Working Tapes of Studs Terkel (Hour Special)


Look we tire we sweat we have hangovers we have upset stomachs we have feelings emotions and were not a bath be place than a category of a machine is something new isn't it the workers in the plant and if field they have a right and determining the nature of there were two workmen we do now uh we have some kind of pride being able to stand up to the giant general motors corporation say look this is what i think is fair and are willing to fight to show you that is fair i just think they wanna be would be treated with dignity and some respect and uh and you know that's not asking a hell of a lot young well it takes me back i'm gary brynner retired have been for eleven years i didn't plan to be a union guy i just wandered into it and 19 sixty six through 75 may be later the company in the union were bitter enemies every game we made usually came out of a strike and that's just the way it was but the the job of the union today is much tougher than it was for me and 1973 because the strength of the union has been so weakened and look the unions not perfect i'd be the first to say it but in what we did in the union is to create this middle class that were able to do things enjoy their life outside of work.

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