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Your game Charlotte tonight or some place. I think the biggest thing for me was when we lost coach there those double shift in a lot. And I felt like I had my legs throughout the whole game. I'll think I was too tired at any point recovery. Was was good. So no, some I really focused on and it was good to see tonight. All right lighting, insider dot com. Eric Ireland's getting the sound from Adam Ernie in the locker room, and you were talking about options and a lot of times in preseason, Brian when you're talking options, you're thinking of the bubble guys. So we're talking Matthew Joseph. You're talking about The Danny Martell who you picked up off waivers defensively. Eric Chernick make the team or not. Well, the options are also the guys who have been kind of on the bubble or who have had just a little bit of a dance between the AHL in the NHL over the last few years, and you've got Cory. He doesn't want to go back to Syracuse. Anthony, Sarah's wanna make he wants to stay right here. And Adam Ernie people forget because we've always had the forward thinking. Oh, Adam Ernie's one of these power forward guys who's going to be a big part of this team. He's drafted five years ago. So it's been a very long curve to get to this point. He's coming into camp in the best shape that he's been in really since he's joined the organization realizes that. He's got an opportunity here. But it's not going to be given to him. It's going to be interesting to see how guys like conquer, Sara Lee. Of course, Matthew Joseph as well. And and Martel, you know, some of the other options play before guy like Adam Ernie. I mean, now's the time to grab the brass ring here because everyone's been waiting and waiting and waiting. He's had some injuries. I understand that. But this is a guy who knows that. It's not going to be handed to them. And if you're looking for somebody to make a statement over the next couple of preseason games that he's dressing for them. It's going to be a guy like Adam Ernie too. Yeah. This time for real. And you can't send me back coach. He, you know, his his career has as followed in the footsteps of a lot of guys along the way he come out of junior hockey. And you think well, I gotta get bigger and stronger they put on a little bit of weight and at the American League level. It was good. You know, he can play power forward. Some good hands hits people hard, and he gets to the NHL and finally gets his chance then realizes that. I got to pick up a step. So they tell them you got to lose some weight. And so he has over the last two years now he's dropped week consistently. And you heard him just at the end there. I talked to him the other day, and he said I spent a lot of time working on my conditioning as far as being able to to skate at high speed for the entire shift and not have the drop off. So that's that's something specific a sound. Like, that's exactly what they talked to him about. You know, you gotta get in better shape and maintain it. So he drop some weight his training was spot on. And he's he's had a really good effect. I mean, my opinion, I think he has an inside track. I think he's he's played really well because he is faster. Now, he has picked up a step. He's still can play that power game. He's certainly not afraid to run into people. And he showed some great hands. Irv scoring that goal. He had two goals in Carolina fire remember, right or in the first or second second game. I guess it was so, you know, he's made an impact there all those things count. So I think Adams acquitted himself pretty well. Yeah. And actually correction I just realized that was a Nashville that Ernie had those two. Yeah. That was my mistake. I'm thinking. Oh, yeah. No, no, no. That Carolina gaming Carolina. We've got forgotten about. But yeah, it's gonna be interesting to see Ernie and his performance moving forward. And like I said, we're always so focused on the young the up and coming bubble guys. You know, oh, this young guy there. But there's some other guys on the other side of the bubble. You know, you you wanna stay on their your point. And after you've been around for a few years like that. That's exactly right. You know that either you better make an impact and become a regular or they're going to move you on pretty soon, and you younger guys are always coming in behind you. So they're going to say, okay. We've looked at him for enough years, and I'm not saying that's happening data Mirny, but he's in that timeframe so to to make your point that that's true. I mean, you could you know, Slater coups is kind of the same thing. Right. They've been around for a couple of years. They've spent some time in the American League, and they're still trying to crash into a a team that's loaded and that makes it that much more difficult. For them. And you know, they may realize you only get so many cracks outta so we'll see where it sorts up. All right. We'll hear from head coach John Cooper, just a few minutes. Also look ahead to opening night. Yes. For eleven days away. So we'll talk a little bit about that match up into where the Panthers fitted in the Atlantic Division. Everyone knows. All right. Lightning Maple Leafs. Bruins. These are probably the three teams fighting for the top three spots. But the Panthers narrowly miss narrowly. Get in surprise everybody. We will discuss that in our next segment when the last call continues in just.

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