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Next. Couple of traffic at six fifty four KOMO forecast. Morning fog Saturday and Sunday, then we're going to have some sunshine and that'll carry on through Monday. Although I think we're gonna get rid of that fog portion of the forecast. High temperatures over the next three days around fifty degrees currently in Seattle, forty eight degrees. Komo news time six forty five. Stay connected. Stay informed. Seattle only twenty four hour news station. Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven with Taylor van Cise. I'm Tom Glasgow. Jeremy grater at the editor's desk, because we take a look at some of the day's top stories the government officially up and running after a short term budget deal was agreed upon by congress and the president the deal reopens the government for at least three weeks and provides back pay for the federal employees who missed two paychecks. It does not however include any funding for a border wall, which was the president's top priority. The coalition of Latin American governments that joined the US in quickly recognizing one why Doha's Venezuela's interim president came together during weeks of secret diplomacy those involved in the talks, say the effort included whispered messages to activists under constant surveillance and a high risk foreign trip by the opposition leader challenging President Nicolas Maduro for power thirty nine cats were left to die in home. Home in Natchitoches, a tip from a neighbor led to a rescue back in November teams had we're has met suits to get the cats to safety Bassano haven took in those cats and help them along the long road to recovery. And now they're about to be ready to find their forever homes and those cats and their friends are joining us in studio. Stephanie Percival from Sato safe haven is with a Stephanie. How are you? I'm doing. Well, how are you? Do you have some some of your associates here as well? Ladies, thanks for joining us and do I count two cats or three cats? There's a lot of monitors. So tell us more about this program. So personas safe-haven recor regularly response to calls about cats many animals in hoarding situations. And fortunately it happens. More often than one would think, and we have teams that are experienced in able to go in and remove animals from these situations and nurse them back to health. So what what was the biggest need for these cats when they came back? They had pre much any courting rescue. They're going to have respiratory infections. I in factions. There is a lot of dental problems ulcers in their mouth, they had a variety of things. So there were there's a lot of medical care that goes into getting them healthy enough for option. Hoarders cats. Do do. We know details about the psychology of that. I assume these people are not trying to mistreat these animals that they just get in over their heads in in the amount. They bring in is that accurate. It is. They're all different. Oftentimes, people do have good intentions, but they ended up with so many animals. They are definitely become cruelty. Case the conditions that they live in are absolutely horrendous and inhumane when a family member or neighbor notices someone starting to hoard animals, or they suspected what what should they be doing should be calling Passat oser Advil controller what their local animal control K. If cruelty is suspected they can also go to our website episode of safe dot ORG in front of the drop down for cruelty and fill out an form their suspecting cruelty. All right. So when folks want to adopt these cats, and especially if you want to adopt a rather chatty, Cathy. Athena's that catch the cat. You're holding your.

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