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Today in San Francisco and Oversight Committee is holding a hearing to address the unsafe living conditions of a public housing complex. In the Western addition For years, people living in the Plaza East departments have raised several issues among them leaky pipes, rotting floors in electrical fires. Nina's Far Ling has been following this closely for the San Francisco public Press. So, Nina, why has this apartment complex been in rough shape for so long? That's a really good question that doesn't have a super straightforward answer. The developer, a company called McCormack, Baron Salazar. Says the company has put off needed repairs and maintenance because they can't afford to pay for them. But some of the documents that I found over the past couple months actually pointed to faults in the original construction. Like under sized sewer system, which is likely contributed to some of the routine kind of plumbing and flooding issues that I've heard about many times from residents in the city and this developer sought a solution. Asked the federal government for approval to demolish and rebuild the complex. So what happened there? Simply put that in that original application had found that the developer had overestimated the costs of fixing Plaza East by about $16.5 million. So had basically said This math doesn't add up. You need to go back to the drawing board. And McCormack, Baron Salazar and the San Francisco Housing Authority will still apply for federal funding to rehabilitate the property. And what that exactly looks like is very much to be determined and Is the subject of ongoing negotiations. I'm told now, through all of this people still live at Plaza East. What are they saying about this decision from HUD? Residents are still living in posit yeast, and they are still dealing with really tough situations. I've heard stories about floods that have happened just in the past month. The one thing that I have heard pretty uniformly across the board is that Residents wanna be involved in that process. They want to have a say and what the future of their community looks like. The city's government Accountability and Oversight Committee is holding this hearing later this morning about the state of these apartments. What could come from this hearing. So Supervisor Dean Preston, who is the supervisor, whose district includes Plaza East called the hearing early last month. And what I've heard from him and his office is that They really want to understand more about how the property got to be in the condition it's in, but also really to push for more transparency and the ongoing redevelopment plans and Toe to really push for resident involvement. Nina Sparling tracking this situation for the San Francisco public Press. Thanks so much for talking to us. Thanks, Brian. You're listening to morning edition on KQED. It is coming up on 6 29 NPR news and more news With Brian coming right up. Let's go back to Joe McConnell and find out about that big rig crash that happened on the Dublin interchange earlier this morning. Five hours ago. Westbound five idiots. Six, Eddie, No, change it all with only the right lane opened. The other four are blocked by the clean up of a fuel spill from this crash, and traffic is backed up just west of Airway. Single digits on the speedometer barely moving 0 to 5 miles an hour. People are getting off and taking 84 South Island of Allah CDO's road and it is stopping go now. Where's the usual? Once you get past the Isabel split? Also 6 80 south and still crawling along conquered in Walnut Creek because of an hour and a half old big rig fire. The fire's out, But the two right lanes is still blocked the backup on 2 to 42 all the way back before. Be well before Concord Avenue. Now Joe McConnell for KQED Support for KQED comes from Mom and board of California 85% of California. Almond Farms Use Micro irrigation, which helps with water conservation..

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