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In the language of your choice for free just download the babble app or go to battle dot com now that's B. A. B. B. E. L. dot com W. CBS news time three oh three hi Michael Phillip alley in the six eighty WCBS Maryland news center with the headlines in the news this hour a twenty one year old woman faces multiple charges after she was allegedly stabbed her roommate to death yesterday afternoon officers called to the two thousand block of Baker Street just after twelve noon they discovered an unresponsive Veronica Freeman she was pronounced dead at the scene police arrested her roommate Leah Harrison a fifty three year old man arrested yesterday for impersonating a federal officer in Cambrils and around the county police called to the South Main chapel way Wegman's for a suspicious person Kenneth postal told police he was a federal agent which they discovered was false they found a replica gun in his possession in sports NASCAR they're racing toward a restart that could come as early as mid may the stock car series is trying to put together a schedule that allows it to race in states that have started re opening it's sixty degrees in Baltimore reporting a three oh four I'm Michael Phillip Ellie six eighty WCBS news hi I'm attorney Steven free as many of you know the law offices of Michael Friedman I've been representing injured victims of auto accidents and other negligent acts for over thirty five years over the years we have learned that what really matters to our clients is getting back to health and resuming their line our goal was to handle the obstacles that might prevent or slow down the recovery process such as arranging for auto repairs obtaining a car rental assuring the best medical care and handling any other immediate concerns that any person or family faces after a serious accident of course at the end of the day our responsibility is to obtain a fair and just monetary award that will compensate our clients for the injury and pain and suffering.

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