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So if you guys want to throw him out, maybe I considered the top of my dome, but he's going to be a free agent and twenty twenty four. So you have control for as long as review or a little bit longer we'll be on this team. That's a real plus when Pearson gets healthy, you have that already that's pretty good. I. Think if you're going to ask the prospects for Cleveland's pitchers, just throw everything at chamber. Okay Yeah more or you know they're down on xactly sack and he was looking pretty damn good that we've had a police. TORONTO. So there you go out. And maybe the price won't be so high and. I honestly with the Cleveland Connection, they wouldn't shock me that those conversations are taking place just because a know that farm system in I. Know It's been a few years but still allows guys they're they're Cleveland's they had something to do with. So many drafts Johnson's then true. Yeah. Now you're out wrong and you know just want to touch on the red sox again i. absolutely still think that there's GonNa be some trade of veterans off the Red Sox roster the only untouchable in my mind on the Red Sox and three guys right now Denver's. Pogue Arts and Vertigo just because they got him or David Price McKee back beyond that if you get really crazy. JD MARTINEZ ANYBODY I Heavy contract. But I can see jd Martinez being moved or Andrew Benintendi because I think they're growing very frustrated Benintendi and Benintendi still have control I. Know He's been absolute crap this year but I mean I know the outfield that we thought was going to be a point that needed addressing looking damn good right now for the Blue Jays with brick Banou Randall Grischuk and the Oscar and Lord escorial. Hell at Andrew Benintendi before it's outfielder at rotated there from time to time. So I think the red sox could be pillaged, and if you're not the only other area I would add is the bullpen. You can never have enough bullpen help and you're in the playoffs. Then I know our full of staff who knows what the rosters will be. COMPLA- off time. Looking some royals and in Kennedy would be a nice armed add at the back end of the bullpen. He's got starter stuff wasn't damn good starter for a little while and either pretty damn good reliever too. So I'm going to be looking up royals for Kennedy as well. novelist. Lists. He wasn't Anthopoulos trump. Speaking of the Royal Trump Rosenthal Zeman frigging most talked about guys in major, League baseball trades so far. So maybe everybody's overlooking Kennedy. Maybe Brennan you are right. We don't get an arm the starting rotation and is a nice way to solidify the actual rotation by freeing up a spot. For K. or whoever to come out of the bullpen and going to the rotation, and it's still have that same level of talent and they're the same Louis Ambulatory Hawkins..

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