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Make you want it but you literally could choose any flavor of anything else in the whole store and he thought i was full of it and got the grab bag and the grab bag set on. Nothing was eating out of the grab magsi entire wrench. I you know. I told him right. Lesson learned on his part. He spent his money. Whatever may be that makes me apparent but but that's the way that works right. So we see alex okafor's injuries were like. Yeah no thanks. But then we see. Melvin ingram centuries like yeah but he could be or we see olivier vernon injuries will like. Oh yeah but but his achilles is going to be great so you think. There's some of that going on i mean. The grass is always greener on the other side. You're melvin ingram olivier vernon they're great players but they've got injuries Outspoken for. he's a good player. he's got some injuries but the reality is he knows the system. He's worked with this group of guys before he's gonna be able to fit right into the scheme they know what he is Whereas you know you might something. That's quote unquote greener. You never know. In so i like i like the i like knowing that i like knowing what we have and i liked that the coaching staff knows what they have I trust them. So i'm all for it. I like when they bring back. Guys they know in that have been fine at inns. Where maybe it's a it's a depth signing you know if if we're talking about you know signing our number two wide receiver and we pick somebody who i've never heard of his injury prone. Yeah maybe i have problems there but this view has depth signing somebody that they know who's been goodwin healthy. I'll like it. I like it. I like your perspective to the is unknown quantity. You trust the coaches if they say yeah. Let's bring alex back in. He's going to be what we need. A give us security How how can we all that. And we have patrick mahomes so called there to the rest of the bell. Let's play around. I've been listening to my son. Say hey dad. Would you rather back and forth for the last several hours as we've circled some of the great lakes on a massive road trips l. Let me ask you a few these. are you ready..

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