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You are headed towards that water back to you, scary stuff to see that video and interesting. Now what it looks like Katie. Thank you. And stuffing says that's the exact definition of flash flooding the message in Morgan county, do not drive through flood waters that comes from emergency management, which posted pictures of a county road that looks more like a river itself. This is blue bluff road. The Morgan county EMA wrote that these pictures were taken before the latest. Heavy rainfall. And new on daybreak. Another round of storms at central Indiana last night. This picture came from a viewer in Madison County. Rhonda gore says she saw this funnel cloud is six to nine in state road twenty eight last night. The weather service it said the storms would likely produce funnel clouds, but did not expect them to reach the ground national weather service has confirmed that a ninth tornado hit Indiana Saturday whether service teams announced Monday, they found evidence a tornado hit about three miles southwest of rush will those teams also found that damage in Barthelemy and Decatur counties was not or not from tornadoes, but instead straight line winds this video of the tornado in rush county sent in by Pam Johnson, as we've been telling you here on daybreak to tornadoes hit beech grove strongest hitting wind speeds of one hundred miles per hour. Tornadoes have also been confirmed at Owen green and Monroe county is plus union, Fayette and Wayne counties. Two people were injured in that storm in Richmond. Let's show you some of the damage, we've found in rush Ville, rush county. Emergency management officials say the tornado there traveled about thirteen miles was about two hundred yards wide whether officials label it as an e f two tornado with top winds of one hundred thirty miles per hour. One weather service meteorologist told news. Eight it was the most extensive damage. He saw all day. Tornado here, based on pictures and video we'd seen on Saturday night. But what here, basically looking at the damage talking with people that were impacted trying to determine how extensive the damage was and put a Steed amount to it. The national weather service is expected to release more information about the storm reports later today. We will be on whether alert through much of this week with more storms and flooding chances. You want to have the weather app with you on the go as sends you alerts, if there is severe weather wherever you are at the moment, you also have radar in your hand current conditions and hourly forecasts. It's free. Just head to your app store. New from overnight. One man is in serious condition after a shooting on the west side, it happened at the apartment complex near thirty eight eighth and eagle creek Parkway it. He police tell us the man was visiting a friend of the apartments when someone inside of equal drove up and shot him. Police have not announced any arrests in the case. In more local news, at tiled is alive this morning after a near drowning in Avon. Police say a two year old fell into a pool and was pulled from the water people perform CPR medics Russia, to naval hospital, or deputies say, the child did regain a heartbeat. The child's condition though is not known..

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