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Welcome back everyone. You're listening to one life radio. We are live from dallas texas as well as southern california on. Abc news. talk. We have serena poon continuing on with us She is a leading shaft. Nutritionist and ray k. master to the hollywood elite a serena's designed her own approach to health and wellness or culinary alchemy combining functional and spiritual nutrition while integrating how food our bodies on psychological and physical level. She is also the founder of just add water. Nutrient foods and supplements serena loves Lifestyle brand and serena loves tv. You can check her out at our website. Serena loves dot com or on instagram. At chef serena poon. It's been so great. Being on the air. With you serena and i have to say i absolutely love i love your voice and i just love your spirit. I can feel it coming through the airways. I feel your elmich. It's been fine doing this. And you know i just i really appreciate your energy and i appreciate you sharing basis me and just sharing this information to your listeners. it's just. It's so amazing. So thank you. it's our pleasure. It really is okay. I'm gonna ask you one question about the hollywood hollywood elite just one. I'm doing it for mariya. She loves that stuff okay. I heard through the grapevine that you were the chef for hugh hefner for many many years. So what did you like to eat. Well it's so funny. I wasn't scheffer for For hugh hefner not many many years but it was actually my first job. Yeah i did my internship there and did what they hardly on as junior chef and really with sort of like the first step into my career in me starting out on my own with my private catering and and My private chef Business that i thought they were. They were stepping down so so grateful for that opportunity. And have you know. I i mean sign like a massive any but you know half his now journey in a different a different life so i think it's fine to share. But he was so he ate so dimply like he pretty much ate the same thing every day say meow he was she like no cream cheese and applesauce and he had he had a whole team in the kitchen and we can make anything that he wanted but he really kept it super simple you know i remember him having kicking your soup and he loves his rack of lamb from new zealand. That were hand. Picked this. Typically for mr hugh hefner that was you know overnighted to us. Minute was picked minute. It would come bad act and it would go right into The refrigerator or the freezer That was one of the things you love things that a couple a couple that he always loved that he was he was really so do so easy to kick up for. Because you really like. They seem dan's comfort food. I would say was definitely one of one of has coaching. I didn't work for him. I mean he was with us in this life or into your nineties. Yeah i was gonna say you know. May he rest in peace. He definitely changed the world. That's for sure. And harry look at things no pun intended. But you are what you asked me. And i and i of cigarette you know in our our cultural. Oh absolutely yeah. What a what a connection to have right out of the gate. My gosh but we've got about about three and a half minute. So you're you're a certified ray master so You know we explain to our listeners as best you can and just a few minutes. How ray k. Works okay you know. He is is very non noninvasive. Johnson healing technique that originally came from japan. So you know it. It's commonly transit rakia actually translates from japanese as you life lifeforce. You know universal life energy. And so you're essentially is almost like you as a practitioner. You're almost like the channel the conduit and you are channelling that source energy to a statistic area so it could be a person You know an area. On a person's body it could be done distantly. You can rake iraqi all the food iraqi all our products You can send rakia disley to a situation. It just having that very focused intention of of driving that that that source energy not light and not love to a specific place. Okay so maybe no. It does make sense. And i and i love talking about this. So who's a good candidate for rocky. Oh anyone anyone anyone. So i mean who doesn't need some extra light in some extra love like it almost like receiving a blessing. So you know. I would say that anyone that feel and and even under feeling great you can you can receive ray key but if you're hearing anxious or you know If you're feeling uncertain if you're feeling like you're not yourself you know there's a good that's a you're a great candidate for getting rakia. You know if you feel like you just seen Some sort of certainty About something that you're thinking about or wondering back. I mean if you're feeling a little and chewy anyone is great candidate parade and if you're feeling amazing you're still a great candidate roy. We still have about a minute. And this is. I think this is an important question for so many out there listening. You talk about quantum touch healing. How important human touch for overall health. There's the music you got thirty seconds. Sorry we're all connected and touch and connecting. Is that kind of is that is that imaginary force. You know that source of love and connection is so important for mental health. Also i do sickle house because everything is truly interconnected. I mean that's the albany got your spiritual physical body emotional mentioned. We've got to be imbalanced for all of it and having that touch. No electricity that connects all of us. I energy that's important. You know how foods. I can't wait to have you back on. I hope you'll help. You'll reconnect with us. Everyone serena poon check her out. So much serena loved dot com. You're welcome everyone hiding knee by you. Get one body you get one mind and you get one live. Get out there today and make the most of it..

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