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Ethical Storm Zeta downgraded and moving quickly over central Alabama after Landfalling earlier in southern Louisiana Hurricanes Ada was a powerful storm that blew through New Orleans here in a matter of a couple of hours, and the mayor says one person is dead here, electrocuted by a downed power line, and TMS could not get to that person quickly enough because the line was still active, the city says. I got calls for 200 down trees and hundreds of thousands of people without power. Many still are and here in New Orleans, lots of wind damage but in places like Biloxi, Mississippi, a shocking flood surge This storm will continue moving North east impacting states like Georgia and Virginia likes is bad fin. In addition to the man electrocuted in New Orleans, there is a suspected drowning death, apparently from the storm In Biloxi, Vietnam's state media reports landslides set off by a typhoon moolah They have killed at least 15 people on left 38, others missing. In the country's central region. It's the worst typhoon to hit Vietnam in 20 years. The U. S health care system on alert for potential cyber attacks the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services warning hackers are trying to lock up hospital computer systems with ransomware. Five days to go until the election day. Joe Biden stayed close to home Wednesday, getting briefings, according to his campaign, stopping to justify his calls for everyone to wear a face mask. This is not political. It's patriotic. Has a South Florida campaign appearance today at two Arizona rallies yesterday, President Trump Warning of a Biden lock down. It means no kids in school. No graduations. No weddings. No Thanksgiving, No Christmas. And no fourth of July together. Other than that, you have a wonderful life President will rally today in Tampa, Florida and then in Fayetteville,.

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