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Twenty two hundred kilograms of bronze the metals will be used to make some five thousand metals that's the CBS world news roundup for Wednesday July twenty fourth twenty nineteen I'm Jim Chevy CBS news partly cloudy eighty three degrees at six oh nine along with Adam Carter I'm Laura oaks WCCO news and coming up on the WCCO six o'clock news a Washington County sheriff's deputy enters a plea to manslaughter charges but first it said check traffic and weather together here's jury Peterson thirty five W. north as maker past time we thirteen sort of the accident working there right wing continues to be shut down it is slow to the area stop on included is coming down the hill heading toward the river north one hundred jammed up from before the crosstown heading to three ninety four west six ninety four slowing midway between central in two fifty two a day brunch by force like on a group dot com the price slash the competitions worst enemy and customer best friend your best deal log on to force like auto group dot com that's forced like auto group dot com your traffic and weather together exclusively here on WCCO twins game day forecast brought you by saver plumbing heating and air conditioning other beautiful night at the ballpark with a few clouds eighty two degrees right now in the Twin Cities tonight clear skies sixty five for the loan of the nice day tomorrow mostly sunny eighty four then now forty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms overnight Thursday into Friday than a thirty percent chance of rain showers Friday morning but back back in the sunshine and warmer on Friday high of eighty seven again right now a few clouds eighty two degrees at WCCO radio dot com WCCO news time is six ten in this look at the news is brought to you by federated insurance the hour's top local story a Washington County sheriff's deputy charged with manslaughter has pleaded not guilty thirty one year old deputy Brian crook is charged in the fatal shooting of twenty three year old Benjamin Evans in April of twenty eighteen he shot Evans near his home while deputies were responding to a nine one one call of a suicidal man hook is the third of Minnesota law enforcement officer in recent history to face criminal charges for an on duty fatal shooting new information this evening about the death of a woman in a mobile home fire in Painesville the woman killed has been identified as twenty two year old Jamie Newport she was all from a burning mobile home in Painesville last evening police say the woman's father forty six year old John Newport poured gasoline in the mobile home then sedative ablaze abre Darwin Martin St telling WCCO TV officers on the scene swarm Newport and arrested him our law enforcement had.

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