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I'm glad they threw right in there yesterday, so It's to me that stopped, you know, Stop trying. Well, no robbers got be the bottom of the seventh or whatever. No, put your best players or is supposed to be top of the order and let's go. They asked magical and I'm not surprised. It's almost of the interview afterwards. They asked him after the game, his emotions of getting the call to finally come out up from Schomburg yesterday after practice and Hamburg. They come in. Along with all the staff. They congratulated me going up and Yeah. I mean, it's been a long time coming, you know? You know, I imagined this moment for a long time since I was a little kid. You know, it looks a little bit different with the stadium's empty and things like that. But it's still a dream come true and stuff tonight for a long time. I just wanted, you know, I feel like that. You know, help the team win from the beginning, and that was one of my goals is to be on a first name. And you know, it just didn't work out, so I went over Hamburg. I found it. You know, I wasn't down it all. Really. I had that night and told me I was going down. You know, a little mad, but very nice walk back in and stability by, you know, it's not my style. You know how you know being greedy for more than a couple days now, so I really Just try to stay focused. I was hoping that time will come soon. And sure enough a couple days at this point. Yeah, He look obviously locally knew what he was doing. He is a guy that was a stud player in college. They were. They were mentioning last night on the broadcast that they recruited him at Oregon State before he got to high school. So you wouldn't expect that for a 58 middle and it might have been that same size and I'm sure he could have been, but he couldn't have been much shorter. But yeah, so it'll be nice to see as we go along. We get to see him and Louise Robert yesterday was the first game in seven games for the Whites Act that he didn't get a hit. But he's a guy that he had one of the key players in the game yesterday. There is a situation where he hits an easy double play ball to shortstop. The shortstop for Kansas City flips it. The 2nd 2nd baseman throws the first and Louise Robert Pizza doubt He's not a left handed hitter. He hit this ground ball from the right side of the plate. And as soon as it went, it was an easy grounder. You okay? Inning's over? It's not gonna work. That's not gonna happen. And because he beats it out. The inning goes on. And then Lord knows who would have expected this to two in the air to left to drive for angle. Gordon backtrack and the wall got Adam angle bring him home. It's three nothing socks in the second inning. Angle came in hitting 4 55 That's his first home run, first runs driven in a wonderful way to start a Siri's looked like he was trying to throw a cutter. Try to get it.

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