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Now simply put the existence of this previously undisclosed interview is a bombshell and it really could have been used in so many different ways it trial if it had been turned over to the defence first it directly contradicts denise mitchell's claim that she was upstairs your hurrell house when the shooting took place which would likely caused any juror to question the credibility of her entire accounting of the shooting second it indicates that mitchell said there were two cars with a shooter or shooters which fundamentally contradicts every other accounting by every other witness in the case noone besides denise mitchell has ever said the two cars were present and we'll mitchell did senior police interview that there were red and gold cars in the street she never said the gold car was involved in the shooting gordon hayward mitchell not me said that a brown and russ car was present but also someone in knack car and not the red car axes shy african zalis beyond these inconsistencies but these mitchell's other accounting's what mitchell told hayward also contradicts the simple one car owlry contained in both willie visas confession and the state's narrative a trial third and this is crucial mitchell said the all the shooting was done for many inside the cars at trial of course she would claim that she had a bird's eye view of willy view see pushing ephraim gonzalez against her neighbors row hausmann shooting him in this version however gonzalez's shooter never get tired of the car making it much less likely that mitchell would have been able to identify him fourth in this version mitchell also sees the shooter shoot the jamaican a shooting that she claimed she didn't see when she testified at trial fifth hayward statement corroborates the statement by eyewitness jld martinez the people were saying the shooting was done by the stick up boys from 10th in indiana he would of course says something similar that the word in the street was it this was the work at a stick up boys from across the track around eleven st finally sixth the implication of hayward statement is the denise mitchell did not know the identity of the shooter shooters after all she newly vc pretty well even though she newman by the nickname of p way.

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