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But also you're getting great feedback from not only critics of all backgrounds and audiences of all backgrounds. But you're getting people like Regina King and Kerry Washington wanting to come work with you. You getting Emmy nominations where that was not always a particularly diverse group of nominees that were coming out of there. So I guess just as things were evolving with this, was it just I know it was actually overall in a pretty short time frame that all of this has happened. Did you ever have time to kind of step back and process what was going on? This year is like really my first time being able to process everything that's happened. And with the show ending, you know, obviously you get to have a little retrospective moment and reflect about everything that we've all accomplished since then. You know, we have a group chat with some of the cast and we'll reminisce and things like that. But for the most part, during that time, it was really just go, go, go, and there's such a fear that you won't be able to do this again, that you kind of just keep your head down and do the work. And of course, the moments when we were acknowledged for Emmys and when we'd be celebrated and referenced in certain ways, all those moments are cool in the moment, but for me, I just operate with, okay, let's go go go, let's keep trying to make it better 'cause you never know, this could be over tomorrow, something could change. And whether it's the looming writer strikes that would pause certain things. And obviously COVID and all those things that always just felt like, oh no, is this going to go away? And this year is the first time that I've been like, oh my gosh, so much has happened. And it's been, it's been ten years. And insecure ended the when I first started awkward by ten years after I first started awkward black girl, which was like, wow, this has been such a long journey, but not that long. And I feel like I'm just getting started. So if I was just thinking of a crazy hypothetical, but I'm curious what your take on this would be. So you're an old lady, many, many years from now, and you sit down on an airplane and some young punk kid sits down next to you. And says, oh, you're Issa Rae. I know that among many other great things you did insecure. I've heard, but I haven't seen it.

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