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Charlotte. Our gamble jones over gruber. I'll go for the gamble. Hope that he can develop into a pick and pop guy think he should be able to get some easy points just rim running. Flammable mellow the. That's where he could. Acting lamelo could make life easy for that to me. Is the one truth about jones. I i'm with you. I've been mocking singapore charlotte. I think it's sorta kinda makes no sense but there is this part of me that says when you abbas talented a passer is as lamelo ball is is suddenly makes things really easy on a on a ram running big like like jones and and maybe that's the ideal setting for him to be able to grow and thrive fascinating stuff. Those two guys by the way singin jones or the two hardest prospects for me to get to get a comfort level with as opposed to what they're going to be in the draft. I think both of them to me have just such a wide range of outcomes that it's really hard to know where the risk meets the reward in the draft. And i wanted to add that one of the things about chi- jones that kinda worries Sit at texas. You would think that he would be a great rocca but will you look at his prestigious. When he was used as the roll man. He was very inefficient. Could be spacing. The you look at dirk sales. Who shall i ninety six percent of the roll man so if jones could be devastating roll man than i mean. It's it's a perfect fit from the mellow if he can just develop as the collaborative rimirad he should be able to get an easy points then after shooting translates the you have a real studying there. It almost makes me wonder. And i've made this argument. A little bit with evan mobely but almost makes me wonder with kaisha jones given what kind of clear from the statistics where he was strong where he was weak at. And what have you and instead of trying to develop those those weaknesses and turn him into maybe something that he's just not wired to be right maybe he does move so fluidly and this is the thing about him and evan moberly like they don't move well for big guys they move well for guards like they're they have like guard like fluidity in their movements. Freaky willie cauley stein. By the way how this as well and we can never quite figure out what to do with kelly stein. But i think there's other issues and lots of other issues going on with willie kelly stein. Maybe you know maybe in an increasingly position louis. Nba does jones. Have the foot speed and link than everything else to say. We're going to kind of play. These guys. you know. Threes in the league and and not ask them to go and do the dirty work down low. Because that's maybe that's not what they're built for. Maybe whether it's wiring or never mobley's case you know maybe not the strength and we're going to let them take advantage of something that they do have. Which is this freakish athletic fluidity that allows them to guard multiples. -sition allows them to create off the dribble bid. Awesome the pull up shoot threes and we just sort of rethink trying to fit them into a hole that maybe just their game and just rethink this other. The end did these are huge. Seven foot wings. I'm especially intrigued with mobile. Because he's such a good passer. And i think this is kind of the era's different but when you talk about a guy that seven floor that you can try to develop into a wing is scared. Yang veasley yeah. How washington was trying to make him some of that. He's not and i'm just. I'm just not sure that making jones a five is what he is. I know from a size standpoint. That's what you want him to be but the way he seems to play in the way that he likes to play and actually frankly most of the flashes of where you see like crazy cajones him getting the ball in transition and going coast to coast with the basketball like those are the plays. Oh wow cajones. Did that when you're watching him. More traditionally in the post that he disappears as a player to me. And so it's just really fascinating you know. You've definitely run the experiment. Sometimes that you're turning a player trying to turn them into what they're not. But i actually frankly wonder sometimes with him. Maybe that's more of what he is. And maybe there is a way just to let him be that and instead of trying to turn him in to that now john calipari carl towns wanted to be that player as well and john calipari forced him to be in the post and learned that game. They're allowed him to be number one. Pick in the draft. And you know so you can make the argument either way. I think you can say the sandwich. Jt brosseau dan. he's rafi barlow draft junkies dot com. Go check out his website. Make sure that you're also tuning into the locked on nba draft podcast as well. We're also going to be doing some stuff together coming up really soon. There's actually an ultimate mock draft. That's going to be presented by locked on an odyssey. It's going to feature alice's for me. It's going to feature announce this from raphael as well as brian. Skela brainy former sense. Gm ryan mcdonagh are locked on mba..

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