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Ten eighty KRLD. Central American migrants who've reached the US Mexico border say they'll wait for others to arrive before making their next move. So Mexican residential Tijuana protested the migrants camping near the Pacific and wanted them to move to a government shelter now on the other side are US border patrol agents with San Diego skyline in the distance KRLD's Mitch car asked Ben Johnson, executive director of the American immigration lawyers association. Where exactly are we on this story? Good question. I don't know where we are. Because unfortunately, I think politics has really been the driving force in in in this situation more than, you know, sensible policy has been used as a political wedge issue, probably on both sides, quite frankly. And and I think that's clouded. The fact that there has been for a long time. There have been lots of options available in dealing with these folks, look, this isn't the first time this has ever happened in the world. There are lots of people around the world who are moving from places that are dangerous or. Or or were there? No opportunities. Those kinds of migration patterns and channels are not new we know how to respond to this. There was no reason for us to wait until this crowd of people came to our borders. We could have in fact should have dote with this crisis long before it got to the US borders could could've put together a place for those to be a processing center in Mexico or somewhere along the way and began looking at who are these folks, what are they entitled to what's happened to them? So I think it's unfortunate that we've played politics with this long enough that we've we've allowed those folks to to get to our border now that they're here. I think the other thing we have to keep in mind and dealing with these folks we have to recognize they came from the most dangerous place on earth that isn't a war zone. Right. Whether the person in the White House has the last name, Trump, Obama or Bush, the fact is congress. And the ad minister. The administration's haven't addressed the asylum question, they haven't addressed the immigration laws. Let's be very clear. Donald Trump is not the first president to be getting the situation wrong. President Obama did not deal with this situation. Effectively. I mean, I do think it's fair to criticize the president for the fact that he has he has made this issue more political than it has been before his language is offensive and counter productive. But he's not he does not have a monopoly on on MSN this up. And you're absolutely right. This to solve this problem requires not only a firm steady moral compass by the president. But it also requires leadership and action on the part of congress. Now, that's in terms of our our broader immigration system, but we have the laws in place to deal with this. This group of people look this is five thousand people. That's you know, that's about an average sized high school football game for tonight in Texas. This is not a a group of people that are so large. We can't use the laws that we have now to make honest moral decisions about who gets stayed who gets to leave for more conversations with Benjamin Johnson came early dot com. Search minutes with Mitch..

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