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Welcome to the Brookings Cafeteria the podcast about ideas and the experts who have them. I'm Fred Dues on today's show Jonathan Strom Seth Senior Fellow in Lee Kuan Yew Chair and Southeast Asian Studies at Brookings Interviews Brookings President Jon Allen about the strategic significance of Southeast Asia U._S. relations with countries in the region and the China Challenge President Alain recently returned earned from an extended trip to East Asia where June he opened and participated in a Brookings Conference in Taipei on the risks of the Asian piece of boarding pass to great power war that conference is part of a broader brookings project focused on sustaining the long peace in East Asia subsequently Jon Allen traveled to Singapore for Jonathan Strom. Seth had an opportunity to join him for series of dialogues with senior officials and regional policy experts in this episode President Allen reflects on his trip and consider as the possible implications of his discussions and observations for U._S.. Asia policy also on the program what's happening in Congress with senior. Fellow Molly Reynolds who discusses the divisions in the House Democratic had a caucus in why inter-party polarization is the more serious issue and Congress you can follow the Brookings podcast on twitter at policy podcasts to get information about and links to all of our shows including the current dollar and cents the Brookings Trade podcast and our events podcast. If you like the show please go to apple podcasts and leave us a review it helps others find it and now here's senior fellow Jonathan Strom Seth with Brookings President Jon Allen. Thanks for the introduction Fred. I'm Jonathan Trump Seth and I'm delighted to welcome Jon Allen to our podcast today to discuss his recent trip to East Asia including Taiwan and Singapore. I thought we could begin by touching on your own personal experiences in Asia before becoming President of Brookings you had extensive government experience not just in East Asia broadly but in Southeast Asia in particular the part of the region as you know that I focus on as Lee Kuan Yew Chair here at Brookings. Could you give us us and our listeners a sense of those experiences and how they informed your perspectives on Southeast Asia today. We'll first Jonathan. Thank you for the opportunity to have this conversation with you today. The trip that we took to East Asia was I think think very enlightening. It was very helpful trip for me. I had not been back in a number of years and I really enjoyed it with respect to Southeast Asia. It had always been a very special place to me. As a long serving Marine East Asia in general had always been important to us the theater as we call it is a naval theater of which the bring core as a major part and so east Asia in general but Southeast Asia in particular as had a special meaning to me. I've had the opportunity in the course of my duties while still on active duty to spend time in Vienne Tian and put on pen in Hanoi in ocean city certainly a great deal of time in Singapore. I think we'll talk about that in a bit in quality important Jakarta and of course Australia so I know the area pretty well strong relationships long-term desire by the United States to have strong relationships in this area those those relations I think have generally improved in the last twenty years or so and it comes from a whole variety of reasons I think a constructive foreign policy in Southeast Asia good relations between the American people and the various populations the emergence agents of democracy in some of the states that struggled for a long time under corrupt regimes or dictatorships and on top of that was this one moment that I think really made a huge difference in much of the region which was the South Asia's tsunami and perhaps that's a conversation for different podcast a longer story but it was my duty and it was my responsibility in many respects to prepare and and ultimately to help to execute with the help of course many many others in the Department of Defense the defense response to that soon Nami and I can remember standing on the end of the runway in Bunda itchy in the island of Sumatra after after the incredible devastation of that Swami and of course the earthquake which generated this Nami and seeing our South East Asian partners in particular Singapore and Australia but others and

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