Brice Butler, Jordy Nelson, Jimmy Graham Muhammad Wilkerson discussed on Sports Central with Greg Matzek


If you wanna speed guy there's guys like brice butler there are you know those middle tier wide receivers available that you you don't have to spend a ton of money on to get them into your system so i think there are opportunities here at wide receiver more so than at the tight end position any upgraded with the top tight end threat on the free agent market fly like that move but i love me some jordy nelson i really do i kind of thought this was coming i was hoping there'd be a restructuring what hope it all worked out but ultimately jimmy grams roughly ten billion a year will replace jordy nelson's ten million that was doing the final year of the contract four one four seven nine nine one six twenty jimmy graham muhammad wilkerson in offense and defense addressed just kind of getting started you hope here for the packers more work to be done but nelson now looking for work allen chicago joining us next wtmj hi al yeah yeah i love the packers are doing right now i just want to make a little segue here i think the vikings are definitely going to be the team to beat this year signing the cousins delvin cooks be coming back the tight end rudolph and digs and feeling they got an offense now and to go along with that defense this is the vikings are stats there's no joy elder the vikings are the most talented team in the division the packers aren't there yet they just aren't they're not and i don't know if we can compete with them we've probably take a pain lambeau but.

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