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On the wizards are better without john wall bandwagon john wall is a dynamic elite talent and a roster like washington's just won't get anywhere in the postseason without a dynamic elite talent period the end but certainly was i opening when the wizard sped through february on ten and three streak without wall the team led the league in assists during that stretch bradley beal shown set ranchi was cutting more than a steak knife allowing the rest of the group to be more creative all over the floor evidently the magic carpet ride only lasted so long comes back to the meeting people and remember the wizards are not better without john wall the team has now lost five of its last eight games and honestly that number should really be six of its last date we should have lost last night in boston because they fell behind by twenty points to a celtics roster that was so banged up i mean pratt stevens nearly had to suit up and play for this game he looks good there right there's this neck you don't need to play basketball jackie watching tune would've lost this game frankly if not marcus morris making an absolutely bizarre mistake for veteran seriously i want you to put yourself back in the situation the celtics were up three with five seconds to go and regulation what you want to do as a defender there is not one of the great mysteries of our time you lock down the three point line that's it and yet morris for some reason charged auto border leaving jodie meeks wide open for an easy shots now i do want to say otherwise morris was extremely sharp last night he really was but nonetheless his blunder let the wizards back in the game and eventually let washington take the win doubleovertime afterward the wizard celebrated as deserved but certainly didn't seem that anyone left the floor last night with more clear sense of identity when asked about the team's future brad said that first off john needs to hurry up and get back and then he added quote we gotta trust each other and get back to playing our style of basketball of course he didn't say with that was going to be.

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