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Which is exactly what jonathan gruber said jonathan gruber said it at a more gleeful fashion even than orrin hatch orrin hatch said a more in a spirit of sadness than uh jonathon gruber jonathan gruber was happy because hit like had put one over on the american people he was the arc act he when he's a very smart guy went the mit now he went the potter harvard doctor jonathan gruber to you by away doctor he's a phd but he still wants to be called doctor can we should have breaking news about the latest resignation in the united states senate yeah i'll i'll give you a hat chickens are coming home to roost thursday the fad coming home to roost restricted its thad cochran for mississippi has finally retiring this the guy who you know he he uh barely defeated does staff state senator and a mcdaniel in mississippi a couple of years ago you actually mcdaniel la one the primary the but they it's a southern state so they have a runoff and by it and so they they mobilized the black community mcconnell in those guys the rhinos dead because they didn't want this guy mcdaniel in the senate because he he would be another member of the tea party like uh like like mike lee your art ted cruz or even ram paul so they ah they they mobilized even though this guy thad cochran was on as last legs and he was talking a wishes he was on the campaign trail talking about the barnyard escapades with chickens i mean i don't even want to go into it you nine other children in cars all all around listening to this it it it was and the thought that this guy was going to be able to complete a six year term i was ridiculous and then now so now he's resigning as of may first than there's going to be a there's going to be a special april first and what the hell kinda name fad anyways i have i have no idea.

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